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If you are appearing for CNA State test, then make sure you attempt the CNA practice tests. It consists of many question and answers created on a similar format of actual exam. There are also some nursing aide videos, which will help you to perform your CNA competency test very well. The free nursing aide practice tests and the CNA skill videos will help you to polish you skills and analyze your performance before attempting the actual examination.

Before starting the practice test, make sure that you refer to the nursing aide handbook for your state only. While watching the CNA skill video make reference to steps given in the CNA handbook. The steps in the CNA handbook may vary from state to state. However, there is nothing to worry, the essentials are same. Make note of all the extra steps and review it along with the video training. You can pause the video training at any time you want.

Some of tips and tricks, which will further assist you to perform you CNA examination with much ease and confidence. These tips are mentioned below:

  • Always respect the privacy of the patient.
  • One should remember to wash their hands before and after coming in contact with the patient.
  • Make use of gloves whenever required.

If you perform the practical session with extra steps, the CNA state examination board will not penalize you in any case. But, never miss the basic steps while performing the basic nursing or clinical skills. The practice tests provided by the Headmaster, Promissor and Thomson Prometric will prove beneficial. These three also administer the actual nursing aide competency examination.

Free CNA Training Videos & Practice Tests

The CNA training allows you to polish your skills and knowledge for the initial jobs in the field of nursing. But you can only be employed, if you clear the CNA state competency examination. CNA’s who have completed their training from one state and practice in other state may transfer their certification. In the transfer process, they also have to give the CNA state test. If might be possible that the scholars be a little nervous, but being calm and confident will guarantee you success in the examination as well as in career.

There are few things that one should keep in mind to succeed in CNA examination, which are listed below:

  • Take enough time to prepare yourself for the test after you finish up with the training program.
  • Go through your notes properly.
  • Try and take up practice tests (theoretical as well as practical).
  • Don’t exert yourself a day before the exam.
  • Be confident and positive.

The CNA examination varies from state to state. If you plan to transfer your certification, confirm that you purchase the study material of that particular state to prepare for the CNA state test. This will prepare you according to the state requirements and assure you that you will be able to perform the nursing procedures according to the state.

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