CNA Training in Texas

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that there are over two hundred and fifty thousand paraprofessional straight service employees in Texas. These personnel in the health care industry include: nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal and home care assistants. Aspiring nursing individuals to work as a Paraprofessional direct service employee, you have to successfully complete the various curriculums and courses offered under CNA Training in Texas.
After effectively completing the CNA Training in Texas granted by various certified nursing schools/academies in the state; specialized nurturing assistants are frequently engaged in nursing homes and aided living conveniences. Their effort is often bodily, emotionally, and psychologically challenging. To tackle the mounting scarcity of certified nurse aides in Texas, amplify recruitment and maximize retention, employers necessitate improving CNA wages, job benefits, and working agendas. Other subjects that are imperative to each CNA and would develop job eminence embrace: presenting enduring CNA education and courses leading to rising career mobility with support and persuading association and mentoring opportunities for every nurse aides.
International Business College - N. Zaragosa
6460 Hiller Street, Suite D, El Paso, Texas 79925

Alpine Valley Care Center C.N.A Program
1003 Loop Road, Alpine, TX 79830

Culberson Hospital - Van Horn
Eisenhower Rd., Van Horn, Texas 79858

Center for Health Professions Bel Air High School CNA Course - El Paso
731 Yarbrough Drive, El Paso,

David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center Nurse Aide Program - El Paso
11155 Gateway West, El Paso, Texas 79935

Canutillo High School Nurse Aide Training Program
P.O. Box 100, Canutillo, TX 79835

International Business School CNA Program - Como
6460 Hiller Street, Suite D, El Paso, TX 79925

El Paso Community College - Site 2
100 West Rio Grande Ave., El Paso, Texas 79902

Aurora Health School Nurse Aide Course - El Paso
4209 Hookheath, El Paso, TX 79922

Academy School of Careers, Inc. - El Paso
1030 North Zaragosa, Suite T, El Paso, Texas 79915

TX 79915

El Paso Community College CNA Training Course - Site 1
100 West Rio Grande Ave., El Paso, TX 79902

Emerald Nursing School Nurse Aide Course - El Paso
4435 Edgar Park Ave., El Paso, Texas 79904

Computer Career Center - El Paso
6101 Montana, El Paso, Texas 79925

Anamarc Educational Institute Nursing Assistant Course - El Paso
3210 Dyer Street, El Paso, TX 79930

Center for Career and Technical Education - El Paso
1170 Walnut Street, El Paso, Texas 79930

Gibson Care Center Nurse Aide Training Course - Aspermont
931 North Boradway, Aspermont, TX 79502

Excel Learning Center CNA Training - El Paso
1220 Lomaland Dr., El Paso, Texas 79907

Vernin Learning Center Nurse Aide Program - El Paso
12025 Rojas Dr., Suite E, El Paso, TX 79936

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