CNA Training Sessions, California

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The increase in demand of nursing assistants in the state of California has increased the number of students applying for this job. This sudden rise is due to the increase in the number of old age and suffering patients.
There is a long list of schools providing CNA Training Sessions, California to the willing candidates. Some of these rules stated by the health department of California for the nursing institutes are as under:

· Both classroom and practical teaching is important

· Regularity and punctuality of the students is a must

· Students must not carry any criminal records

· High school diploma or degree is a must for getting admission in any of the nursing schools

· Instructors should be qualified and experienced

The applicants must make sure that the school they are opting for fulfills all these requirements. The job of a nursing assistant is based on the learning from these schools that includes numerous duties along with following job performances:

· Recording vital signs of patients

· Assisting the doctors during operations

· Answering telephone calls

· Filling insurance forms for the patients

· Helping the suffering patients with their daily activities like exercising, bathing, eating and so on

In return of all these responsibilities, a nursing assistant is paid a salary ranging from $19000 to $24000. Obtaining certification after completing nursing school education helps the individual to grab better job opportunities.

Nursing Training Schools, California

CNA Programs in Stanislaus County

Casa De Modesto Retirement Center Nurse Aide Training - Modesto
1745 Eldena Way, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 529-4950

Avalon Training Center - Newman
709 N Street, Newman, CA 95360
Phone: (209) 862-2862

Crescent Facility Training Center - Modesto
159 East Orangeburg, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 526-2811

Avalon Training Center CNA Training Course - Modesto
1900 Coffee Road, Modesto, California 95355
Phone: (209) 548-0318

Modesto Junior College - West Campus
435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 573-6382

Turlock Adult School CNA Training Program
1564 Canal Drive, Turlock, California 95380
Phone: (209) 667-0643

Oakdale Adult Education C.N.A. Class
200 Hinkley Avenue, Oakdale, California 95361
Phone: (209) 847-9609

Brandel Manor Emanuel Hospital Nurse Assistant Program - Turlock
1801 North Olive Avenue, Turlock, California 95382
Phone: (209) 664-2900

Avalon Health Care of Modesto
515 East Orangeburg Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 529-0516

Country Villa Modesto Nursing Assistant Course
159 East Orangeburg Avenue, Modesto, California 95350
Phone: (209) 526-2811

Bel Air Lodge CNA Training Program - Turlock
180 Starr Avenue, Turlock, California 95380
Phone: (209) 632-1075

Elness Convalescent Hospital CNA Program - Turlock
812 West Main Street, Turlock, CA 95381
Phone: (209) 667-2828

Covenant Village Care Center - Turlock
2125 North Olive Avenue, Turlock, CA 95382
Phone: (209) 664-5300

English Oaks Convalescent and Rehabilitation Hospital - Modesto
2633 West Rumble Road, Modesto, California 95350
Phone: (209) 577-1001

Crestwood Manor Nurse Aide Course - Modesto
1400 Celeste Drive, Modesto, California 95355
Phone: (209) 526-8050

Garden City Healthcare Center Nurse Aide Training - Modesto
1310 West Granger Avenue, Modesto, California 95350
Phone: (209) 524-4817

Central California Rehabilitation Hospital - Modesto
730 17th Street, Modesto, California 95354
Phone: (209) 523-9006

Hy-Lond Health Care Center - Modesto
1900 Coffee Road, Modesto, California 95355
Phone: (209) 526-1775

Evergreen Convalescent Hospital CNA Program - Modesto
2030 Evergreen Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 577-1055

Oak Valley Care Center Nurse Aide Course - Oakdale
275 South Oak Drive, Oakdale, California 95361
Phone: (209) 848-4159

Ha Le Aloha Convalescent Hospital - Ceres
1711 Richland Avenue, Ceres, CA 95307
Phone: (209) 537-4581

Reno Convalescent Hospital - Modesto
1028 Reno Avenue, Modesto, California 95351
Phone: (209) 524-1146

Kindred Hospital - Modesto
730 17th Street, Modesto, California 95354
Phone: (209) 523-9006

Vintage Faire Convalescent Hospital Nurse Aide Program - Modesto
3620 B Dale Road, Modesto, California 95356
Phone: (209) 521-2094

Riverbank Nursing Center C.N.A. Course
2649 West Topeka Street, Riverbank, California 95367
Phone: (209) 869-2569

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