CNA Training Programs in Michigan

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The CNA training programs in the state of Michigan is maintained by Department of Community Health. The Bureau of Health Professions has been assigned to evaluate and supervise the CNA programs going on in Michigan. The private company known as the Prometric is created, who basically makes and supervise the certification examinations of the nursing aide training. Prometric is also manages Nurse Aide Registry Michigan, which consists of all the details of the CNA in the state of Michigan.

Once the students complete their training as well as the CNA state exams, Prometric allots the CNA certificates to every Nursing individual. A Certified Nursing Professional is eligible of working in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes or any other long term medical care facility for at least 2 years. After these two years, it is obligatory to renew your CNA certification to continue working legally. Michigan also gives options to the nursing aspirants to choose their specialization field, such as they can become surgery CNA, supply nursing aide, nursery CNA or may be a delivery nursing aide.

However, it is essential for all the nursing schools in the Michigan state to provide the aspirants with at least 75 hours of training classes, which should include practical as well theoretical classes.

CNA Training Program in Wayne County

Barnabas Health Care School of Professional Studies C.N.A. Class - Redford
24865 Five Mile Road, Redford, Michigan 48239

Athena Career Academy, LLC. - Wayne
3625 Metro Mall, Wayne, MI 48184
Phone: (734) 790-0501

Career Essentials Learning Center Nurse Aide Training Program - Redford
9349 Telegraph Road, Redford, Michigan 48239

CareerWorks, Inc. - Highland Park
1200 East McNichols, Highland Park, MI 48203

Health Care Solutions and Career Group - Detroit
15800 West McNichols Road, Detroit, Michigan 48235

Hazy Institute of Learning CNA Training Course - Detroit
7436 Mettetal Street, Detroit, MI 48228

Genanscot Services Nurse Aide Program - Detroit
17800 East Warren, Detroit, Michigan 48224

Precise Health Care Training Institute CNA Course - Detroit
11000 West McNichols, Detroit, MI 48221

Greater Horizon Training Institute Nursing Assistant Program - Detroit
7310 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202

CNA Training Program in Saginaw County

Ross Medical Education Center Nursing Assistant Course - Saginaw
4300 Fashion Square Blvd., Saginaw, Michigan 48603

Latoya’s Health Education Center - Saginaw
1000 Brockway, Saginaw, MI 48602

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