CNA training in Pasco County

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If you are residing in the Pasco county of Florida and aiming to make your career in the health care field, you must remember that in order to get an entry level position or the first step in the health care field requires completion of the CNA training in Pasco County. The knowledge and skills gained from the training program and working in the various health care facilities can provide you sufficient theoretical and clinical experience that will be very beneficial when you pursue your studies for becoming a LPN or a RN.

Importance of CNA Training in Pasco County for Jobs

The Pasco County also offers numerous job opportunities to a CNA due to steady growth of population including elderly citizens. These ageing populations require constant cares from nurse aides. The population has grown by 105,403 residents since the year 2000, with increase rate of 36%.

In addition, the county also locates many reputed hospital and medical centers including Community Hospital of New Port Richey, Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, Morton Plant North Bay Hospital, Regional Medical Center, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and Riverside Hospital. These hospitals have constant requirements of CNAs and are also the best employers for nurse aides.

But, it is also true that to avail these job opportunities you must complete CNA training in Pasco County and earn certification because all health care facilities prefer nurse aides who are well qualified and certified.

CNA training in Pasco County

The CNA Training in Pasco County must follow the provisions of the Florida Department of Health and OBRA-87 requirements. You must attend DOH and OBRA-87 approved 120 hours of classroom course instruction and clinical hands-on experience, divided between 40 hours iclinical training and rest of the training is spend on classroom course instruction and lab training. The clinical training is completed under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.

CNA Training Curriculum

The classroom and clinical training curriculum of Pasco County nurse aide program includes:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Personal Care skills
  • Human anatomy and Medical terminology
  • Emergency Cares & CPR
  • Safety and Infection control
  • Nutrition
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Promotion and Respect of Patients’ Rights and Independence
  • Care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients
  • Mental health cares
  • Restorative cares


The completion of the training program makes you eligible to sit in the Florida DOH approved CNA Certification test, consisting of – Written Test and Skill Test.

Written Test- offers multiple 60 choice questions that must be completed within 2 hours.

Skill/Clinical Test – requires performance of 5 skills out of 25 randomly selected skills on a dummy or a model. The time limit is 35 minutes to complete the skill test.

You will be offered 3 chances to pass the exam and if you are still unsuccessful within 3 attempts, you may have re-complete FL CNA Training Program.

The passing of the exam award you certification and get you listed in the FL Nurse Aide registry.

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