CNA Training in Michigan

If you want to have a rewarding and satisfying career in Michigan’s medical industry, one of your best options is to become a certified nursing assistant. As implied by its term, certified nursing assistants, also commonly referred to CNAs for short, provide assistance to registered nurses in their field of work. And since becoming a CNA will mean that you would take care of patients, you need to make sure that you will be able to do your best, as the health of your patients will also depend on you. This is why it is important that you get the proper CNA training in Michigan.
The Duties and Responsibilities of Certified Nursing Assistants

One of the main reasons behind the increasing growth in the need for certified nursing assistants is mainly because they are on the frontline of providing patient care. However, the functions, duties, and responsibilities of CNAs are beyond just simple and basic patient care. CNAs have an extensive array of duties and responsibilities ranging from patient observation to facility maintenance, from diet recording to patient observation, from surgical procedures assistance to assisting patients with their hygiene, and many other more.

Certification and Licensing Requirements to become a CNA in Michigan

As you can see, there are a lot of things that CNAs have to do aside from just providing basic health care to patients. This is why certification and licensing are required before one can become a certified nursing assistant. The steps that you need to take in order for you to become a CNA in the state of Michigan include the following:
• Attend an educational institution that has been approved by the state to provide CNA training in Michigan
• Complete both the clinical and in-class coursework required by the school; 75 hours of CNA training is required to qualify for a licensure in Michigan
• Finish at least 16 hours of clinical work supervised by a registered nurse
• Take and pass the state CNA certification and licensure exam being provided by the Michigan State Licensing Board; the exam consists of 100 questions as well as practical sections; if you successfully pass the exam, your name will be entered in the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry
There are some other criteria that may be required of you by the state aside from completing an approved CNA training in Michigan. Some of these requirements include taking and passing a criminal background check and a physical examination. However, the most important thing is that you should be able to choose an educational school offering a CNA training program that will help prepare you not only for the clinical and practical skills examinations, but also for your future career in the medical industry.

Elements of CNA Training Programs in Michigan: Core Competencies being Taught

CNA training in Michigan covers all of the most important courses aside from just basic patient care. These courses will help prepare you not only for your future career in the medical industry as a certified nursing assistant, but also help prepare you provide your best in taking care of your patients. When you enroll and attend one of the educational institutions that has been approved by the state of Michigan to provide CNA training, you can expect to learn about the following:
• Nutritional and Diet
• Daily Activities
• Body Mechanics
• Infection Control
• Human Behavior
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Basic Science
• Basic Medical Terminology
• Nursing Ethics
• Patient Care
• Patient Safety
• Health and Population Education
• Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Institutions offering CNA Training in the State of Michigan

There are several institutions that have been approved by the state to offer CNA training in Michigan. Some of these are nursing facilities, while some are educational institutions. Some are private and some are public schools. However, while these institutions vary in type, they have all been state-approved, which means that they have met the requirements and the standards set by the state, making them a good choice for you. Some of the institutions in the state of Michigan offering CNA training, classes, and programs include the following:

• Advance Medical Training, Inc

o Location of School: 5317 Alpine North West, Comstock Park, Michigan
o Contact Information: 616-551-3073

• Everest Institute

o Location of School: 1750 Woodworth, North East, Grand Rapids, Michigan

• Valley Training Center

o Location of School: 1806 South Euclid Avenue, Bay City, Michigan

• Ross Medical Education Center

o Location of School: G-3630 Miller Road, Suite D, Flint, Michigan

• Gogebic Medical Care Facility

o Location of School: 402 North Street, Wakefield, Michigan

• DRM International Learning Center, LLC
o Location of School: 3204 South Pennsylvania, Lansing, Michigan
o Contact Information: 517-882-3544

• Athena Career Academy, LLC

o Location of School: 8 East Front Street, Monroe, Michigan
o Contact Information: 734-241-2627

• Hazy Institute of Learning (CNA Training Course)

o Location of School: 21700 Greenfield Road, Suite 264, Oak Park, Michigan
o Contact Information: 248-850-7110

So as you can see, you have several options when it comes to institutions offering CNA training in Michigan. There are several other educational institutions and nursing facilities that have not been included in the list, so if you do not find one that is near your home, you should do a little more research. Just make sure that the school you will attend and enroll in has been approved by the state to provide CNA training programs and classes.