CNA Training in Massachusetts

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs, also referred to as orderlies, nurses’ aides, home health aides, and patient care technicians work under the direct orders of a registered nurse to help patients cope with everyday living. Being a CNA is no joke since you will have to perform heavy lifting and work long hours so choosing the right CNA training in Massachusetts is important. In addition, the skills set you will be acquiring from your CNA training in Massachusetts will help prepare you for a fruitful and long-term career in the healthcare industry.
However, not all individuals have the necessary budget to enroll in CNA classes that are more expensive than others. In this light, they will be happy to know that they also have the option of enrolling in free CNA training in Massachusetts. Here are some options they can choose from:
• CNA scholarships or grants

Some community centers, clinics, nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living homes, and similar healthcare institutions actually offer free certified nursing assistant programs for eligible applicants. These free CNA classes in Massachusetts are typically provided via scholarships or grants for the community’s qualified individuals. These institutions are generally in partnerships with colleges or schools that offer financial aid.

These kinds of scholarships and grants allow those who are financially challenged to have funds they can use for enrolling in a CNA program. This in turn will lead them to complete the course and subsequently qualify for the CNA certification examination. Likewise, a plus about these CNA training programs is that individuals may be paid while going through the classes.

Educational institutions that provide free certified nursing assistant classes also allow their scholars to undergo the required clinical practice in the medical facility they are teamed up with. There is no doubt that this opportunity will afford serious applicants lots of advantages. For those interested in applying, a typical requirement includes having a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Likewise, you should have no criminal record and should be prepared to have your background checked. Aside from an initial interview that will be conducted by the educational institution offering the scholarship, you should also be ready to complete an interview conducted by the school’s medical facility partner. These types of CNA training programs are generally covered by specific terms and conditions that you have to agree upon prior to your education being endorsed by the school.

• Workforce and Continuing Education training programs

Free CNA training in Massachusetts is also offered under the Workforce and Continuing Education Department of the state. For this, interested applicants will have to present a high school diploma of some sort of proof that proves they have finished their high school degree before being eligible for the free CNA classes. Interested individuals should be between 17 to 21 years old to qualify, and should come from families in the low income bracket.

Those who qualify for free CNA classes under the Workforce and Continuing Education Department will also have allowance for education related costs, such as uniforms and books among others. Sometimes, childcare assistance can also be afforded to eligible candidates who are parents of young children. Undoubtedly, this is a great way for under privileged individuals to gain legal and fruitful employment.

In general, the funds will be sourced from an employer with the agreement that beneficiaries of the CNA training will work for the employer for a predetermined amount of time. In addition, there are cases wherein an employer may possibly reimburse the costs of the training program once an applicant becomes a certified nursing assistant.

• Online certified nursing assistant schools

Because one of the fastest rising industries in the U.S. is healthcare, educational institutions are also on the lookout for ways to take advantage of the situation. This is where free CNA training in Massachusetts comes in, with more and more online CNA training schools joining the bandwagon.

Free online CNA training programs typically cover 100 hours, where 75 of those hours allotted for academics and the remaining 25 for clinical practice. However, those interested in free online CNA classes should note that while the academics portion is completely free and is conducted entirely online, the state of Massachusetts requires that applicants should also successfully complete clinical practice that is supervised. This however can translate to additional costs.

• Medicare or Medicaid training programs

For free CNA classes offered by Medicare or Medicaid, you are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, for you take advantage for this free CNA training in Massachusetts. Likewise, depending on the educational institution partnered with Medicare or Medicaid, you will also be subjected to various examinations and will have to comply with additional requirements.

When you have finished the certified nursing assistant training program and have successfully passed the qualifying exams, you will then be eligible to receive your CNA certificate. In addition, in the event that you are fortunate enough to be employed by a certified Medicare or Medicaid healthcare institution or facility, there is a high possibility that your incurred expenses while in training can be reimbursed.
So if you are one of those people serious enough to take on the challenging but very rewarding role of a certified nursing assistant, these are just some of the possible choices available to you regardless of your financial standing. It is vital to note though that the free CNA training in Massachusetts you are eyeing should be accredited by the state’s Department of Public Health. If not, you may end up wasting precious time since healthcare institutions more often than not employ only those who have graduated from CNA training programs accredited by the state they want to work in.