CNA Training in Georgia

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State certified CNA Training in Georgia is being offered by the nursing homes as well as community colleges, technical academies and private establishments. Mutually, nursing centers and non facility based CNA Training in Georgia emphasis up on the instructing those individuals who desire to become certified nursing aides and clear the state nurture aide examination. All the state certified CNA Training in Georgia grant scholars the knowledge necessitated to effort as basic care contributors in hospitals, home health, long term care homes, and hospice establishments. To become a certified nurse aide, you must complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of experimental training and sixty-one (61) hours of lab and classroom coaching.
Both classroom and experimental training are administered at every time by an experienced mentor, who can be a registered nurse or a certified practical nurture. Whilst, you take the Georgia state official recognition examination, the assessor is also a registered nurse. The Georgia CNA registry records the names of all individuals qualified to effort as nurse subordinates in the state. Nurturing homes are obligated by bylaw to offer tuition compensation for qualified nursing assistants, who have compensated for CNA training classes and turn out to be their employees within one year of passing the CNA certification test in Georgia.

CNA Classes in Bartow County
Maple Ridge Health Care Center - Cartersville
22 Maple Ridge Rd., Cartersville, GA 30121
Phone: (770) 606-8800
American Red Cross Coosa Valley Georgia Chapter
320 West Cherokee Ave., Cartersville, GA 30120
Phone: (706) 291-6648
Cass High School Nurse Aide Program - Cartersville
738 Grassdale Rd., Cartersville, Georgia 30121
Phone: (678) 986-0012
Starcrest of Cartersville Nursing Assistant Program
196 North Dixie Ave., Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Phone: (770) 387-0662
Nursing Assistant Courses in Union County
Union County Nursing Home C.N.A. Class - Blairsville
550 Nursing Home Circle, Blairsville, Georgia 30512
Phone: (706) 745-4948
North Georgia Technical College - Blairsville
434 Meeks Ave., Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: (706) 439-6324
CNA Training Programs in Wilkes County
Washington-Wilkes Comp High School Nurse Aide Training
1180 Tignall Road, Washington, GA 30673
Phone: (706) 678-2426
Nurse Aide Programs in Barrow County
Winder Health Care Nursing Assistant Course
263 East May Street, Winder, Georgia 30680
Phone: (770) 867-2108
CNA Training Classes in Gordon County
Gordon Health Care CNA Class - Calhoun
1280 Mauldin Rd., Calhoun, GA 30703
Phone: (706) 625-0044
Calhoun Healthcare Center CNA Course
1387 US 41 North, Calhoun, GA 30701
Phone: (706) 629-1289
CNA Nursing School of Calhoun
135 Professional Court, Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Phone: (706) 629-2651
Nursing Assistant Courses in Carroll County
The Oaks of Carrollton Nurse Aide Course
921 Old Newnan Rd., Carrollton, GA 30112
This nursing assistant program is closed or currently inactive.
Village Samaritan, LLC - Carrollton
907 South Park Street, Carrollton, Georgia 30117
Phone: (770) 830-5683
Carrollton Nursing and Rehabilitation
2327 North Highway 27, Carrollton, Georgia 30117
Phone: (770) 834-4404
Nurse Aide Training Courses in Polk County
Cedartown High School CNA Training Course
167 Frank Lott Drive, Cedartown, GA 30125
Phone: (770) 748-0499
Rockmart High School Nursing Assistant Course
990 Veterans Hwy., Rockmart, Georgia 30153
Phone: (770) 684-5432
Cedar Valley Nursing and Rehab Center - Cedartown
225 Philpot Street, Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Phone: (770) 748-4116
CNA Programs in Murray County
Chatsworth Health Care Nursing Assistant Program
P.O. Box 1126, Chatsworth, GA 30705
Phone: (706) 695-8313
CNA Training Classes in Chattooga County
Oakview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center - Summerville
960 Highland Ave., Summerville, GA 30747
Phone: (706) 857-4761

Chattooga High School Nurse Assistant Program - Summerville
989 Highway 114, Summerville, Georgia 30747
Phone: (706) 857-2402

CNA Training In Georgia: 4 Vital Considerations

There is no question that becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be a very rewarding career, which is why it is important to consider CNA training in Georgia. Many of the simpler nursing tasks are assigned to the CNA like helping patients to eat, move around, bathe, or even dress.

Since they are in direct contact with patients, they are likewise responsible for communicating and delivering messages to nurses aside from preparing hospital rooms and equipment. From time to time, they may be required to assist on some minor procedures by supervising Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

Those who are unhappy with their current careers may find the job of a CNA suitable option to consider. This type of career can allow candidates to provide more comfort and security for their families because aside from potentially good earnings, it is also one of the more stable positions at the moment due to the increased need for healthcare professionals despite tight economic times.

However, to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, CNA training in Georgia is necessary. It is likewise important to consider the following to remain competitive in this industry.

1. Examination and training

There is no doubt that CNA training in Georgia is one of the basics to be able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the State. There are numerous approved instructional programs in the State that are offered in various high schools, vocational schools, adult educational facilities, and community colleges among others. The entire training course normally takes 85 classroom instruction hours combined with 24 clinical experience hours served in a nursing home.

Upon completion of the training course, candidates are required to pass a two-part certification examination that is divided into a written or oral portion and the skills portion where clinical experience is tested. Every CNA can expect to work in a variety of healthcare settings like hospitals, home health aides, and nursing homes among others. New CNA would be wise to choose training in nursing homes because they can provide the necessary training that can lead to a more rewarding career.

The State also precludes nursing homes from charging for the training of potential CNA candidates, which means that the nursing home can provide ample training for free. This is a good way to jump start a career in the State of Georgia.

2. Free CNA training

As stated, those who want to make a career in the healthcare industry as a CNA but do not have the necessary budget to pay for CNA training in Georgia can opt to work in nursing care facilities to benefit from free CNA training and hands-on experience in dealing with patient care. Aside from this, candidates would be happy to note that in the State of Georgia, there are actually some facilities that are willing to pay candidate to receive training from accredited institutions in the State.

In exchange for this free training program, candidates are expected to work for the sponsoring facility or company for an agreed number of months. This is another good way to start a CNA career in the State of Georgia because it will not only provide the necessary training, but will also provide for the important experience that can help candidates to become fully functional members of the healthcare community in the State.

Sometimes, the State of Georgia provides scholarships and grants for various individuals who want to take the CNA training course. The Board of Nursing of the State can provide details and potential options for persons who are interested in a career in the healthcare industry. It is important to apply for these types of programs at the earliest possible time because of the huge number of potential applicants.

Another option for free training is to get reimbursement for the financial expenses incurred during the CNA training course. This is based on the premise that candidates will be able to secure their certification within the last year. There are a number of healthcare providers that are willing to shoulder such expenses; the important thing is to have an intact record of all the expenses that candidates spent.

3. Practice of reciprocity

For the CNA practitioners in good standing from other States who are moving to the State of Georgia, it is to their advantage to know that there is reciprocity. This means that they can actually transfer their license to practice as CNA in the State using the reciprocity agreement. The State fully recognizes all registries of CNA from other States provided that there are no outstanding records of abuse on the licensee.

It is also a requisite for the licensee to have worked a minimum of eight hours during the last two years to ensure that the State of Georgia honors the reciprocity agreement for the licensee.

4. Potential job outlook

One of the main reasons to take advantage of CNA training in Georgia is the excellent job outlook in this field of the healthcare industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that there are over 36,000 CNA in the State as of 2010 alone. This number is expected to continue to rise within the next few years as the population in the State of Georgia continues to age and require medical attention.

Much of the concentration of the CNA population in the State is in Rome, where there are approximately 22 CNA practitioners for every 1,000 inhabitants in the locality. More experienced CNA practitioners will be able to receive more than $10.00 per hour, while newer ones will receive just around the same figure. For 2010 the median hourly wage in the State was at $10.41 and those who worked full-time were able to receive salaries of more than $25,000 on the average.

This figure does not represent the potential earnings from overtime rendered in this field of the healthcare industry. There is no doubt that even if it is the entry level for a nursing career, it provides great employment and financial outlook for successful candidates.

These are good motivational considerations that every candidate looking to take CNA training in Georgia should seriously consider.

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