CNA School Louisville KY

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A certified nursing aide is the one who helps the registered nurse in carrying out their operations, such as, taking care of elderly and critically ill patients and so on.

The residents of Louisville city who want to pursue their career in field of nursing and health care management have to complete the certified nursing aide training program from the CNA School Louisville KY, registered by the state of Kentucky.

All the nursing and health care schools are required to provide aspiring medical trainees with the nursing training programs including an instruction of about 75 hours, theoretical class lasting for fifty nine hours and also a clinical setting for about sixteen hours.

The Louisville CNA program, classroom setting of the nursing training program basic components includes: Infection control, Interpersonal skills, Emergency procedures and others.

Upon completion of the classroom program, nursing aides are allowed to work with the patients under the direct supervision of registered and trained nurse. Practicing under the registered nurse helps the medical trainees to prepare for the skill’s section of state certification examination.

Nursing trainees who are able to successfully complete the certified nursing and medical training program are administered to appear for the state registration or certification examination. Passing the certification examination will provide you with credentials to work as a nursing aide in the long term facilities through out the state of Kentucky.

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