CNA School Honolulu

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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a well qualified professional that takes care of the patients in hospitals and clinics. The job of a certified nursing aide includes various tasks under the supervision of Registered Nurse. In Honolulu, there is an urgent rise in the demand of certified nursing assistants, due to increase in population.

To become a certified nursing assistant, the students should look for a good CNA school in Honolulu. The school offering CNA programs in Honolulu should be accredited to State Department of Human Services. They should apply for a course which covers duties and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. After the course, the students have to undergo training either in a hospital, a clinic or a nursing home. Later, the candidates have to pass the competence examination.

There are various schools in Honolulu that provide CNA training. Some of the leading schools that offer CNA programs in Honolulu are American Red Cross, University of Phoenix, CNA Training International and Care Giver Training School.

Other schools that offer CNA programs include Kapiolani Community College, Korean Home Care, Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Total Loving Care Health Service, Pacific Nurse’s Aid Training Center and lots more to choose from.

So, those students of Honolulu, who want to develop their career as a certified nursing assistant, may consider the above mentioned colleges to apply for. According to recent statistics, it is said that the average annual salary of a certified nursing assistant in Hawaii is around $28,900. Therefore, being a certified nursing assistant can be considered as a good option to start off with in Honolulu as it provides nice pay and job security.

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