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The certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have the most prestigious responsibility to undertake in the field of medical services. They take care of the patients in hospitals and clinics under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs). They perform various tasks related to proper and hygienic care of the patients. Nowadays, various schools of CNA in Chicago are offering different nursing courses.

One should look for a good CNA school in Chicago, if he/she has to become a skillful certified nursing assistant. A candidate needs to apply for a course in school of CNA in Chicago. The CNA School should be accredited to Illinois Department of Public Health to provide CNA training. The course of CNA covers the duties and responsibilities undertaken by the certified nursing aide. After that, the candidate has to apply for training in a hospital, a clinic or a nursing home.

In Chicago, there are many schools which offer different CNA programs. Among them, the renowned ones are Harold Washington College, Wilbur Wright College, East-West University and Malcolm X College.

Other schools that provide CNA training include Anthem Institute, Everest College, Abbey Home Health Services Inc., Career Training Center of Chicago, Chicago Community Learning Center, Chicago State University and Citi College of Allied Health Nurse Aide.

The CNA training programs offered by the schools in Chicago require the students to engage in around 150 hours in learning and covering the necessary requirements such as anatomy, physiology, basic nursing skills, mental health issues and personal care.

Those students who wish to become a certified nursing assistant in Chicago may consider above colleges and schools to apply for. After getting certified as a nursing assistant, they can apply for a good job in Chicago. As per the statistics, the CNA jobs are continue to rise over the next decade due to increasing population of Chicago.

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