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Nowadays, with rising population, there is an emerging demand of certified nursing assistants. A certified nursing assistant (or CNA) is a well qualified professional that takes care of patients in hospitals and clinics under the supervision of Registered Nurse. The job of a certified nursing assistant is taken as most important in the field of medical services and health care. In California Bay Area, there are number of nursing schools providing CNA training programs.

One should look for a good CNA school in Bay Area, California to become a certified nursing aide. The candidate has to apply for a course in a CNA school which will cover the necessary duties and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant. After that, the candidate has to undergo training in a hospital or a clinic in Bay Area. Later, the candidate has to appear for a competence examination held by the state for the certification.

There are a good amount of nursing schools in Bay Area offering CNA programs. One of the renowned nursing schools is Bay Area College of Nursing. This school has three different nursing programs that most of the schools combine into one program. Due to this little difference, the students can able to gain more confidence they need in facilities besides working in nursing homes. The school offers three different programs such as General Nurse Assistant course, a Home Health Aide Course and an Acute Care CNA course.

The students in Bay Area, California willing to build their career as a certified nursing assistant can apply to the Bay Area College of Nursing. For more details on different nursing programs offered by the college, one must contact to the following address:

Bay Area College of Nursing
4151 Middlefield Road, Suite 101
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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