CNA Oklahoma

4 Things You Have To Remember About Being A Certified Nursing Assistant In Oklahoma

Many people want to enter a career that is related to health care but are daunted by the time it takes for the education to finish. One profession that is medically related, but takes very little time is a job as a nursing aide or a Certified Nursing Assistant. A profession as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, can be very rewarding. Not only do CNAs get paid a sufficient wage, their job is also considered to be a very honorable one. When people are at their weakest, it is the CNAs or nursing aides who are there to give them emotional and physical support. Although all CNAs are under the supervision of nurses, or their superiors, they are still required by law to undergo accredited training programs. Not only will these programs prepare aspiring CNAs for their licensure examinations, it can also help them become capable of the workload that they will soon face.

A job as a CNA has a lot of benefits, but there are certain things that you must know about before you seriously consider this career.

• The Training

To become a CNA in Oklahoma, you must first enter CNA classes and programs. There are many establishments in the State of Oklahoma that are offering CNA classes. Community colleges, vocational schools and rehabilitation or retirement centers are examples of these establishments that are offering CNA classes. The duration of these classes will depend on school, but applicants are required by law to take at least 120 hours of CNA classes and 16 hours of supervised on-the-job experience.

CNA classes in Oklahoma can cost around $500-$1,500. Some schools or learning facilities require a full payment at the time of the registration. If you find the tuition fee to be a bit steep, you can always ask the school if they have any financial aids available. There are also establishments in Oklahoma that are offering free CNA classes and training. These establishments are usually retirement homes, and in return for the free education, they will require you to work for them for a period of time. Don’t worry, because they will pay you to work for them as well.

In these classes, students are able to learn the basic but important skills of a CNA. Students of these CNA classes are trained on how to properly take care of their patients. Communication skills are also taught in these classes, since communication is an important part in the rehabilitation of a patient. Prospective CNAs are taught proper housekeeping skills, since keeping a patient’s area dry and clean is an outmost importance. CNAs are even trained to use basic medical equipment, like the blood pressure apparatus. Nursing aides are required to continuously monitor the vital signs of their patients. Medical terminologies are also coached to CNA students so they can better understand instructions and the condition of their clients. To avoid any legal issues, the rights of the patients and the limitations of the functions of a CNA are also lectured to CNA students.

The State of Oklahoma requires CNA applicants to be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must also pass a background check and a positive health screening. Pregnant applicants are discouraged from taking CNA classes, because the on-the-job training will require exposure to hospitals, which can pose as a danger for both the mother and the baby. A high school or GE diploma is also required by the state. These are only the basic requirements, and schools and retirement homes may ask for additional documents. Most schools will ask a proof of immunization and a random drug test result.

• Claim Your License

There are two ways for you to claim your license to practice as a nursing aide in Oklahoma. You can either take an exam, or you can receive your license through reciprocity. We will discuss more about reciprocity later. After you’ve finished your training, you will be required to take the licensure examination, which is regulated by the D & S Diversified Technologies, LLP. The exam has two parts, a return demonstration and a written exam. In the return demonstration, examinees are asked to perform the different basic CNA tasks they’ve learned during the clinical exposure part of the training. The exam will cost around $95. Examinees can have the option to take the written test as an oral examination, but they will be required to pay an additional $10.

• Reciprocity

CNAs who practiced in a different State can still become a CNA in Oklahoma without having to repeat the process all over again. CNAs who are already licensed in a different state can transfer their license to Oklahoma. CNAs who are already registered and licensed need not take the licensure exam again. Those who took CNA classes in a different State, but still haven’t taken the licensure exam, can take the exam in Oklahoma, provided that the training they’ve received can match the requirements asked by the State of Oklahoma.

• CNA Employment

After you’ve passed the CNA licensure examination, finding a vacancy in a health care facility is the least of your problems. The demand for CNAs or nursing aides in Oklahoma is currently very high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has mentioned that there are around 19,000 Americans working as CNAs in Oklahoma.

When it comes to the salary, CNAs have a satisfactory wage. According to statistics, people working as full time CNAs in Oklahoma earn an average of $21,000 per year. Top of the line CNAs have wages that are around $35,377 per year. Some health care facilities are even offering retirement plans and health insurance for their CNAs.