CNA Nursing- A Splendid Profession

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CNA Nursing- A Splendid Profession

Working as certified nursing assistant can also be considered as a very noble profession. Nursing requires lots of compassion and humanity to take care of the ailing and weak patients. A CNA can work in any of the health care facility, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health settings or even at the mental care institutions.

However, this profession needs certain requirements that are needed to be completed before working professionally. They are listed below:

One has to complete the CNA training program, which follow the rules mentioned by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 and is state approved.
After the completion of the training, you have to clear the CNA state evaluation exams, which include written and practical tests.
Passing these exams, will reward you with CNA certification and list your names as a professional CNA in the state Nurse Aide Registry.

These CNA training programs are offered in every state of USA. They train their nursing students in all possible nursing and clinical skills, which include emergency and safety procedures, communication skills, checking and recording the vital signs of the patients (temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration), handling medical machinery (X-ray machines), disinfecting medical instruments (drapes, scissors, gloves etc), patients’ rights, human anatomy, physiology and medical terminology.

However, when CNAs providing nursing care in the hospitals and other long term medical care facility, along with the trained skills, they also accomplish the following tasks:

Report patient’s liquid intake and output.
Cleaning patients’ rooms, changing bed covers, etc.
Taking care of the patients’ calls.
Handling supply of the inventory.
Some of the clerical duties, such as dealing with queries of the patients etc.
Helping the patients in their daily routine and assisting them in their exercises, movement etc.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind by all the certified nursing assistants is to serve their patients with utmost care and compassion, because it will definitely help the patients to cure more quickly.

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