CNA Job Description

If you are also affected by the continuous economic crisis and recent economic recession of the United States of America and not able to find the suitable job opening for earning the sustainable source of income for meeting the daily living costs, you must complete your Nurse aide training program and pass the certification exam to earn the CNA certification to get easy job opportunity. The reason being, the health care industry of the US is booming and providing ample working opportunities to qualified CNAs and other nurses.

But, you must also remember that the US congress has passed specific regulation OBRA-87 that sets the standard for CNA education and nurse aide practice to safeguard the public health and welfare through safe and quality cares. The OBRA requires a nurse aide to complete minimum 75 hours Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) and the competency level of the candidates must be evaluated through the Competency Evaluation Programs (CEP).

Once, you pass the competency evaluation test and earn the certification and registration with the state Nurse Aide registry, you are issued the practice license for working in various types of health car facilities.

CNA Job Description

The basic CNA Job Description for working in the varied health care settings includes:

The nurse aide training program (NATP) provides the necessary nursing knowledge and skills that are essential for executing safe and quality Certified Nursing Assistant Duties in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, physician’s office, hospice, home health agencies, adult care centers and mental care centers.

The primary duties and responsibilities of nurse aide include:

Personal Cares – You must be able to offer personal cares for meeting the Activities of Daily Living such as patients Hygiene, Dressing, Undressing and Grooming, Nutrition, movement of patients, bathing, feeding and drinking and others.

Basic Nursing Cares requires counting, measuring and recording vital signs, measuring and recording fluid intake and output, measure and record height and weight, clean and bandage, safety and others.

Infection Control – You must use Infection control measures to prevent the spread of the infection in and around the health care facility through various measures.

In addition, your job description also include respecting the rights and independence of the patient, maintaining privacy and confidentiality, meeting the spiritual needs, offer restorative and mental cares, provide mental and emotional support to patient and families.

It is also necessary to remember that your CNA Job Description also varies among the facilities and position you are working. If you work in an intensive cater unit or surgical room, your duties varies from nurse aides working in nursing homes. Similarly, working as school nurse aide, require executing duties among the students, families and staffs in the school, whereas the CNAs working in the physician’s office requires executing separate types of duties. In the same way, if you work as a home health aide or private duty CNA, your duties varies with hospital OPD or emergency room nurse assistants.

But, whatever may be your CNA Job Description; you must bear compassionate nature, humble behavior and form the strong mental and emotional bond with long term care residents.