CNA Exams Test Questions

It is common knowledge that the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act or the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 or “OBRA -87” was passed by the congress to safeguard the public health and welfare of the residents in the hospital, long term care facilities or Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing facilities. The OBRA also mandated all states to offer students minimum 75 hours Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) or the Competency Evaluation Programs (CEP). The legislation also laid down a set of national minimum standards of nursing care to safeguard the rights of the people living in certified facilities.

CNA Certification exam

The OBRA also stipulates that only these candidates are granted the permission to work, who pass the Certification test. CNA Certification exam is also only a mean with the states to evaluate the competency level of the candidates aiming to work in the certified nursing facilities.

The certification test features two separate tests, independent of each other:

1. Written/Oral test
2. Skill Test.

Written/Oral test – require answering 70 multiple test questions, where 10 questions are pre test non scoring questions or 60 multi choice oral test questions and non scoring 10 word recognition questions. The test questions are based on the classroom course instructions of NATCEP training programs, and skills and knowledge essential for offering nursing cares to patients in the varied health care settings. The candidate has to score minimum 70% above to pass the written component of the test.

But, it is also known fact that many students fail to pass the test the first attempt due to ignorance of test questions or unaware of the types and style of test questions. All these reasons require the candidates to take the assistance of external resources such as CNA Practice Test or Sample Test that can offer them opportunity to get familiar with the actual test questions because Practice Tests are formulated in the identical style of actual nurse aide exam.

Sources for CNA Exams Test Questions

You can even download or browse Practice Test questions provided by the NNAAP Nurse Aide Practice Written Exam Packet, pre test online practice test sites, Prometric, D & S Headmaster, few states Board of Nursing, State based test information sites and Message Board of Nurse Assistants.

These CNA Exams Test Questions will assist you in understanding the types and styles of the questions you will receive during your CNA exam. You can also appear in the practice test to evaluate your own competency level for answering these questions and if you are unable to answer few questions, you can practice on the field you lack and get prepared for the coming state offered nurse aide exam.

If you sit in the exam with advance knowledge of the types and styles of CNA Exams Test Questions and with full preparation, you can pass the Certification test the first attempt and earn the certification and listing with the state nurse aide registry that also allows you to work in various certified nursing facilities.