CNA duties

As the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) is increasing, many people are choosing to become CNA. The job of a certified nursing assistant is vital in medical health care field.

Certified Nursing Assistants work under the supervision of a registered nurse.  They provide basic care to the patients. They spend maximum time with the patient compared to any other staff in the healthcare facilities. Sometimes a CNA may work with a patient for many days whereas others may work only for one shift.

Those who are interested to become nurse aides must first take the can training program. Upon completion of the course the students are required to take up the CNA state competency test.  On gaining the CNA certification the nurse aides are offered jobs in hospitals, health care facilities and private homes.

The CNAs are given different titles such as nursing assistant, nurse aide, patient care associate or auxiliary nurse. Though the have different titles to call them up but their tasks are the same. The CNAs have the following functions and duties such as,

  • Helping with basic medical procedures.
  • Taking vitals signs.
  • Help them walk.
  • Help assist patients in and out of their beds.
  • Help with patient baths or showers.
  • Maintain their room.
  • Be there for them if they need to simply talk.
  • Helping them eat or drink.

The CNA is required to be proactive with the doctor and the staff nurse and provide care to the patients in a timely manner. The nurse aide is required to work in teams and at certain times must be able to show the sign of a team leader.

The CNA must know what the doctor expects out of them and their output must be beneficial to the patient. A CRNA must come forward ton assist the ones in need and must provide ample of care to them. As the CNAs spend so much time with the patients; at times they need to deal with unfavorable activities. He/she must be able to build a strong relationship with the patients.

The certified nursing assistant must be compassionate, patient, understanding and honest. They must be able to work well in teams or alone. They should be spick and span in a healthy state. They are required to give a lot of attention even to the minutest of the details. They must be physically fit enough to lift and transport patient, if required.

The CNA job duty involves emotional aspect associated with this job, which involves working closely with old and the disabled. Those who are mentally strong are required to meet the demands of the job. On the other hand working as a CNA is rewarding enough. Amongst all those who work in a health care facility, the CNA is the one who makes the closest relationship with the patient.

Though this a demanding job, yet it is of prime importance to the health care industry. In case of absence of the CNAs, the medical facilities will not be able to give attention and care to the patients, which they deserve.