CNA Courses

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Certified Nursing Assistant or better known as CNA are the nursing personnel who take complete care of the ailing and sick patients under the strict supervision of the Registered Nurses (RNs). They work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health settings or any other long term medical care facility.

The students, who wish to enter the medical field, can put their first step as the nursing assistant. One has to be professionally qualified and training for the job of a nursing assistant. There are numerous community and vocational schools, colleges and universities, which offer CNA courses for the aspirants.

While enrolling for the CNA courses, there are few prerequisites, which care to be fulfilled. They are as follows:

  • A high school diploma or GED is a must.
  • One should clear the background criminal test.
  • One should not have any kind of infectious or communicable disease.
  • It is essential that the aspirants are fluent with English, whether in reading, writing or speaking.
  • One should be at least 18 years of age to enroll for any kind of CNA courses.

During the CNA courses, scholars are given detailed training on the following skills, which will further help them during their work:

  • Basic nursing and clinical skills.
  • Take complete care of the patients’ safety as well as the hygiene.
  • They are taught to check and measure the vital signs of the patients, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and so on.
  • All the aspects regarding the nutrition and medicinal care of the patient.
  • The assistance techniques for the ailing patients.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Observing and reporting the signs of patients to the registered nurses or the doctor.

The above training is divided into theoretical as well as practical classes. The ratio of these classes might differ from college to college, but universities and colleges lay much emphasis on the practical training. The hands-on training make the student more aware of the job that they will be performing during their duties.

Once the scholars are done with the CNA training, they have to clear the CNA examinations. It is essential for all the students to clear these tests (Both practical as well as written); only then they will be awarded with CNA certification.

These CNA courses offered by numerous community colleges and universities, they get pretty satisfying salary packages. It solely depends on the education and the experience gained by an individual, as to how much salary will they be offered. There are two kinds of salary packages offered to the qualified Nursing Assistants:

  • Hourly Wage: this kind of wage is given on an hourly basis and can range from $8 to $11 or may be more.
  • Yearly Salary: this kind of salary package is fixed. This can range from $28,000 to $35,000, depending entirely on the experience level.

There are many universities, which offer online CNA courses. Students, who are not able to attend the regular college because of the distance problem, can opt for these online training programs. These programs try to provide all the knowledge that is offered during the regular training.

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