CNA Classes in Washington

Washington State has plenty of places where you can become a fully-licensed certified nursing assistant. Plenty of CNA classes are spread out throughout the entire state, ready for you to take full advantage of. Expanding your skills to take proper care of people when you begin your CNA career is essential; even more so if you put even more effort into learning new things in extracurricular activities outside of school.

Extracurricular activities can be all well and good, but first you’ll have to know where to find such opportunities. Luckily, Washington state has plenty of places where you can be pointed in the right direction, whether you want to learn new things or gain a leg up on your certified nursing assistant career. Knowing where to look will mean the difference between success in your career, or just scraping enough to get by.

Getting Certified in Washington State

The Pacific Northwest is ripe with opportunity, and it is up to you to find it. This includes opportunities as a certified nursing assistant; you’ll be able to find plenty in terms of education and careers if you look close enough. A place to start can be valuable to newer, career-minded residents of this state, though.

Students looking to become certified nursing assistants are required to work under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse, or a registered nurse while on the job, hence the term “nursing assistant.” As such, you will need many of the skills that a nurse would have, even if you are only working to the capacity of an assistant.

There are indeed plenty of places you can learn these skills. The Washington Department of Health and Social Services lists a complete range of certified nursing assistant programs for people wanting to enter the field. A host of other resources are available from this state-run organization, like the necessary certifications after you finish schooling.

To become a certified nursing assistant in Washington, you must conform to the following standards:

• Continuing education is mandatory for members in the nursing community, and is regulated by the government in a strict fashion. While it is established as a standard in many states, it is not required in Washington.
• Various fees will be required when you decide to become a nursing assistant. The Washington State Department of Health will impose fees that range from $10 to $53, depending on the kind of certification you will be required to pay for.
• Washington’s Health Department also requires nursing assistants to register before practicing. Endorsement application forms are also available from the Health Department website, if applicable to your situation.

After you find a list of programs appropriate for your needs, you will be surprised to find that the length of each program is rather short. Compared to full nursing programs, nursing assistant courses in Washington and other states in the US will usually last up to twelve full weeks, and sometimes even much less.

This short course length might encourage other, career-minded individuals to seek out even more education opportunities. If you plan to become a nurse, or pursue another health care career after a stint in a CNA job, then there certainly are other opportunities for learning around the state of Washington.

CNA Schools in Washington State

CNA classes are located in many places around Washington. From colleges to universities, and even hospitals where you can learn real skills from ground zero, you’ll have to know what you aim to accomplish from a course before trying one out. A list of places you can get a proper education might help you come to a more informed decision:

• Red Cross - Branches of the world-renowned Red Cross are found all across the world, but the one in your state might offer nursing assistant courses good for finding a job. Training and certification from this non-profit organization is good throughout Washington, and the rest of the United States for that matter.
• South Seattle Community College - This community college offers a Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) that lasts one quarter. Only offered as a daytime class, the NAC program also prepares students for the state certification tests in addition to providing education and training.
• Everett Community College - From basic technical skills to your bedside manner, Everett offers students the full monty in their single-quarter course. Graduates of this short nursing assistant program will be qualified for employment in a host of health care establishments such as hospitals and caregiver facilities.
• South Pudget Sound Community College - The CNA course at South Pudget lasts 104 hours, and consists of a combination of classroom lectures and clinical experiences. Eligibility for the nursing assistant certification program, and the chance to learn the skills you need to make it in a health care career, are all part of this learning experience.

These are only a select few of the many learning opportunities you have as a budding nursing assistant. Plenty of other colleges and health care facilities might also offer their own courses, and might even include sure tickets to certification. With the right drive and mindset, you will be well on your way up the ladder to your chosen career.

Becoming a fully qualified CNA in the state of Washington is now easier than ever, when you take up a class at the right school for it!