Cna Classes in Virginia

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            Becoming a certified nursing assistant is possible in the many educational institutions located in and around Virginia. Plenty of the skills and qualifications that are required of each and every student are taught and upheld at these schools, enabling you to get the very best your tuition money has to offer. Adversely, there are also plenty of schools in Virginia that probably aren’t as in-depth or useful to students in the long run.

            How will you be able to find a CNA school in Virginia that will help you graduate with the right skills and certifications to match? There are indeed plenty of things you should look for when you decide to settle on a school, so you need to be extra careful that your tuition money, and your time, will not go to waste. Even worse if you end up finishing an uncertified nursing assistant course; you could end up killing a patient with your lack of skills!

Picking a CNA School in Virginia

            Knowing what sets apart a good CNA school from a bad one will make sure you get the right education for the job. Learning the great qualities of such an educational institution begins from their application requirements, so be sure you read up on their prospectus plans carefully before you even think of applying. Here is what a CNA school will typically ask of potential students:

  • A High School Diploma – Whether you went to high school in Virginia or elsewhere, a diploma or equivalent is required in nearly every post-secondary educational institution, and that includes the certified nursing assistant school you plan to apply at.
  • Written examinations – SAT scores are a standard for most colleges, but CNA schools will usually test you regardless. You will receive written examinations, as well as comprehension tests that ensure you will be able to keep up with the rigorous training regimens.
  • Health Statements – Being a certified nursing assistant means that you will be in physical contact with plenty of other people while learning, and on the job. It’s important to your CNA school, and pretty much every health institution for that matter, that you do not carry any potential viruses and diseases that can spread to your peers and patients.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid – If you plan to apply for a scholarship at a Virginia-based CNA school, then you will have to read their requirements carefully. Requirements for scholarship applications vary from school to school. You may also apply for financial assistance from one of your local Virginia government offices.


            CNA training will include more than just lectures, once you have successfully applied and enrolled into a school. Getting proper training that will improve your skills will ensure success in your chosen career path, along with the peace of mind that you get when you know full well what you are doing. What kind of training should you expect when you get into a CNA school, you ask?

  • Lectures & General Education – Many colleges teach general educational subjects, as well as foundational medical courses, in a contained classroom environment to keep your grip on the basics sharper than a scalpel.
  • On-the-job Training – Hands-on training with the genuine article will make sure you have practical experience in being a nursing assistant. Such courses can be referred to as “clinical facility-based training,” and may even be taught at entirely separate schools that specialize in this line of education.


            Some schools can offer both the lectures and clinical training. Both kinds will also have to conform to Virginia medical laws and regulations to ensure that your graduation certificate indeed certifies you as a nursing assistant when you finish. However, you are still allowed to find jobs in hospitals and clinics while you are still learning in a CNA school most times.

            Now that you know what kinds of classes, courses and training programs to expect, what are your choices of CNA schools in the Virginia area?

Becoming a CNA in Virginia

            You’ve got quite a few choices when you decide to take up a certified nursing assistant choice in Virginia! Here are some of our top picks for certified schools:

  • Eastern State Hospital Nurse Aide Training – Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, you can take up a CNA course right at America’s first psychiatric hospital! Not only will you learn the tricks of the trade, but you will also get plenty of hands-on experience around a genuine hospital environment in the process.
  • Germanna Community College – GCC offers a two-year CNA program for people wanting to learn such. It also has more than one campus located around the Virginia area: take a course in Locust Grove, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, and Stafford.
  • Lord Fairfax Community College – Another community college with multiple campuses around Virginia, you can choose to take up the Nursing Assistant Certificate course. A short course that totals to about four college credits, you will also experience a hands-on clinical experience after the initial orientation, lectures, and lab requirements.
  • Virginia Health Services – Based in York County, these health care specialists offer a comprehensive CNA course that will train you for a career in the field in no time. Six primary health care facilities, along with plenty of connections to other medical institutes in the country, will help you land a job as a CNA in no time after you graduate.

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