CNA Classes in Minnesota

Having a career in the medical industry of the State of Minnesota as a certified nursing assistant is quite simple. This is mainly because the job opportunities are numerous and the rate of employment is even expected to increase in the future. However, while the rate of employment is quite high, there are several unique requirements that you need to meet in order for you to become a certified nursing assistant providing your health care services in the state. The good news is that there are a lot of options when it comes to accredited schools that offer CNA classes in Minnesota.
The Tasks of Certified Nursing Assistants
If you like taking care of the sick, then becoming a certified nursing assistant will provide you with a satisfying and rewarding career. Certified nursing assistants in the state of Minnesota are required to undergo specialized educational training since their tasks involve providing essential health care services such as medical treatments to their patients. This is why it is important that you choose an accredited educational institution offering CNA classes in Minnesota in order for you to become a great health care service provider.

The standard and the most common duties that you will perform once you have completed your CNA classes in Minnesota include the following:
• Moving and transporting your patients
• Feeding your patients
• Helping your patients with their hygiene
• Changing linens and bedpans
• Monitoring the conditions of your patients
• Cleaning the rooms of your patients
• Communicating with your patients
• Discussing legal matters to your patients with regard to their health care
• Helping your patients with both their personal and health care needs
Requirements in Applying for a CNA Program in the State of Minnesota
To become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Minnesota, you will be required to complete classroom time amounting to seventy-five hours. Aside from this requirement, you also need to complete clinical training amounting to one hundred hours. The different CNA classes in Minnesota covers everything from courses on understanding death in nursing facilities to courses about the legal issues of CNAs. The training programs may take eight up to thirteen weeks to complete. You will also undergo a background check and will be required to present your GED or your high school diploma.
Lessons Taught in a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program
The different CNA classes in Minnesota that you will enroll in will teach you about all of the ethical and legal issues involved in the medical industry, specifically in the nursing department. You will also learn to understand the various behavioral and mental health issues of patients. Through these CNA classes, you will also learn how to develop better communication skills. Personal care, the aging process, exercise, and activity will also be taught to you and your fellow students. The other CNA classes will also teach you about the hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and dietary issues.
The Best Accredited Educational Institutions offering Certified Nursing Assistant Programs
While there are numerous accredited educational institutions offering CNA classes in Minnesota, there are three that are considered as the best schools. These schools include the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, the Normandale Community College, and the Rochester Community and Technical College. Below is a brief description on each school as well as important details about the educational institution.
Minneapolis Community and Technical College
This educational institution is currently offering CNA classes in Minnesota through their three Nursing Assistant and Training Health Aide course options. The first option is a five-credit basic CNA training program that includes coursework and clinical component aimed to help prepare you take and pass the state competency exam. The second one is a six-credit training program that offers the same materials. However, this option offers a more in-depth and broader medical training. The third training program option is the three-credit certification for acute-care health services.
Location of the School: 1501 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Contact Information: 612-659-6525
Normandale Community College
The Normandale Community College offers a four-credit certified nursing assistant program that has been recognized and considered by the Minnesota Department of Health as a means for preparing for the National Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Test. The CNA classes in Minnesota that this institution is offering teach students to take the vital signs of patients, to assist patients with their physical needs, as well as to help patients with their mobility, nutrition, exercise, and their physical hygiene.
Location of the School: 9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55431
Contact Information: 952-487-8200
Rochester Community and Technical College
You also have the option to complete all of the required CNA classes in Minnesota through the Rochester Community College. The nursing assistant course that the Rochester Community and Technical College is offering is a six-credit training program. This course covers the standard nursing assistant classes, which include: resident care, direct patient care, equipment care, proper record keeping and charting, as well as the basics of home health care services.
Location of the School: 851 30th Avenue, South East Rochester, Minnesota 55904-4999
Contact Information: 507-285-7210
Other Educational Institutions offering CNA Classes in the State of Minnesota
As mentioned above, there are numerous other options when it comes to educational institutions offering CNA classes in Minnesota. These schools include the Alexandria Technical College, the Anoka Technical College, The Lake Superior College, the Mesabi Range Community and Technical College, the Minnesota State Community and Technical College, the Northland Community and Technical College, and the South Central College among many others.