CNA Classes in Indianapolis IN

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CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is the medical person, who acts as a caregiver to the ailing patients and assists the registered nurse (RN) in the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or any other long term medical care facility.

A job of a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is very challenging and demanding. One needs to get specialized training in the field. The CNA classes in Indianapolis IN fulfill all the requirements of the nursing aspirants. There are numerous vocational colleges and universities in the state, which provide professional CNA classes approved by Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).

The CNA classes in Indianapolis IN provide the nursing candidates a minimum of one hundred and five hours of classes, in which, thirty hours are dedicated to the classroom based classes and the rest of the seventy five hours are devoted to the hands-on training in long term medical care unit.

All through the CNA classes, the nursing students are trained in various basic nursing and clinical skills, which includes curative skills, nutrition and infection control, emergency care. They are also taught the mental health care recognition and interpersonal skills. Some of housekeeping duties such as cleaning the patients’ room, changing the bed and so on are also taught to the nursing students.

The next step after the completion of the classes is to get ready for the evaluation tests. It is essential for all the students to clear both written and practical exams.

The main benefit of the CNA classes in Indianapolis IN is the certified nursing aides are placed on the registry of certified nurse aides. Those who are placed on this registry are allowed to work professionally in hospitals, clinics or long term medical care facilities all over the state.

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