CNA Classes In Indiana

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Students who are interested in taking CNA classes in Indiana should be aware of some important considerations associated with the Certified Nurse Aid Registration Program.  This helps to ensure that qualified students meet the necessary qualifications to become certified nurse aides.  Those who qualify will have their names entered into the Aide Registry of the State to make it easier for healthcare providers to get hold of their services.

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) oversees the issuance of certificates and pocket cards.  They also dictate the manner of renewal and distribution including the status and expiration dates of registration for qualified nurse aides.  Students who want to become CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants) should be aware that the classes and training programs as a whole are approved by the ISDH.  Some of the important things students should know about CNA classes in Indiana:

  1. Eligibility for CNA classes.

There are some common considerations that students need to consider if they are serious in making a career in the healthcare industry as a CNA.  These are basic and general qualifications that will help students to become more functional and responsive members of the healthcare community.  Some qualifications are:

  • Must have a nurturing and caring personality
  • Should be at least 16 years old
  • Has a certification from a physician that the student is free from any communicable diseases and physically fit to perform duties of CNA without restrictions
  • No GED or high school diploma requirement, but should be able to speak, read, and write English, with an 8th grade equivalency in reading and math
  • Cleared by a State criminal history background check of any previous convictions or criminal liability
  • Complete the 3-week training period for CNA classes in Indiana
  • Pass the corresponding competency examination approved by the State
  1. Competency of schools.

It is of vital importance for every CNA student to look into the competency of the training schools running the program.  There is no question that the level of learning experience can vary depending on the school handling the training program.  There are some schools that boast as high as 98% passing rate for their CNA students for the passing of the State approved competency examination.

The varying competency would depend on the level of experience and teaching qualification of its faculty along with the availability of laboratory equipment that can improve the skills of students for better clinical experience.  Some of the potential considerations in looking into the competency of schools are:

  • Expertise of the instructors, especially those who are actively practicing in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.
  • Timely testing refers to scheduled examinations that commonly culminate to an examination approximately 2 weeks before the end of the training program.
  • Comprehensive review sessions up to before the day of the examination in order to adequately prepare them for the examination.
  • Actively encourages students to keep on working harder for a better career outlook.
  1. Overall course information.

Part of the preparation students need to undertake before they go into CNA classes in Indiana is to be aware of the course coverage of the training program.  Essentially, the course stretches for a period of 3 weeks and is broken down into two distinct phases.  The duration of the first week will be spent on classroom training and is made up of four and a half days.  The next two weeks will focus on clinical experience, and will be done in a local long-term healthcare facility where students will be able to apply all the theories they have learned in the classroom.

Patient care remains that focus of CNA training courses where students are taught skills like giving injections, medicines, maintaining proper hygiene, collection of blood samples, supporting patients physically and emotionally, keeping and maintaining of progress reports, taking vital signs, and acting as the intermediary between doctors and patients among others.  The training courses also touch on the following:

  • Basic science
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control
  • Health and population education
  • Nursing ethics
  • Nursing skills
  • Basic medical terminology
  • Patient care and safety
  • Maintenance of hospital and diagnostic equipment
  1. Time duration of CNA classes.

Although majority of CNA classes in Indiana last for about 3 weeks, there are those that run for as long as 6 months depending on the school overlooking the training program.  It is also important to note the time duration can vary depending on which State the student is located.  There is also the issue of whether the training program was taken in a classroom environment or online, which can have considerable difference for completion time.

For students who take the training course online should be aware that certification examinations cannot be taken online.  The time period for the examination will be divided into theoretical and practical competency tests.  The theoretical will evaluate the knowledge that has been acquired in the classroom environment.  The practical examination expects students to display the skills they have learned in the clinical and practical sessions of the training course.  Certification and competency examinations also differ depending on the State where it will be taken.

  1. Taking online CNA training classes.

Students who are seriously contemplating becoming Certified Nursing Assistants, but do not have the time to attend traditional classes, should look closely into the possibility of taking online training courses instead.  There is no question that one of the greatest benefits is the flexibility it provides to students looking for a career in the healthcare industry.  In fact, it can also be an ideal solution for those who are already in the same industry, but thinking of a career shift.

The flexibility of taking online classes does not stop at being able to control the schedule of the training period, but also on how fast the courses can be completed.  It also speaks volumes on the level of comfort that the student can have considering training courses can be completed at home or virtually anywhere that a computer and an active Internet connection is available. 

The online courses are also considerably cheaper to take because the schools do not have to pay for classrooms, electricity, instructors, and other overhead expenses.  Virtual laboratory videos may also be used as medium of instruction.

Being aware of these five important issues will make taking CNA classes in Indiana more practical, functional, and beneficial for students.

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