CNA Classes In Illinois

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Students who are interested in taking CNA classes in Illinois would be glad to know that the programs are being offered in various colleges in the State.  The programs are normally designed to help prepare graduates to take on the nursing aide competency examination handled by the Illinois Department of Public Health or IDPH.  This certification is needed by students who want to take on the role of Certified Nursing Assistants in the State.

If the intention is to enter the healthcare industry, becoming a CNA is one of the easiest and fastest way to do it.  However, it is necessary to complete the CNA classes in Illinois that is accredited by the State before anything else.  Essentially, students should be prepared to take on not only the training program, but also successfully pass the certification examination.  This is because the State will not work individuals to work in the capacity of a CNA without the necessary certification.  Students must also be aware of the following criteria.

  1. Must be a certified nurse aide.

It is clear that to become a certified nurse aide, the number of training hours must be completed, and the competency exam should be passed.  This will allow candidates to find work in healthcare facilities across the State like skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare agencies, and intermediate care facilities among others.  The training programs and the certification examination should both be approved by the State.

Certified nurse aides will be part of the Health Care Worker Registry for the State of Illinois, which is the Nurse Aide Registry equivalent in other states in the country.  The importance of this registry is that it lists the qualified individuals who are allowed to work in the healthcare industry as Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA.  Any of the healthcare facilities that need the services of nursing assistants are required by the State to consult the registry to establish the status of the potential employee.

This means that if the applicant does not appear in the Health Care Worker Registry, he may be out of status or is not certified by the State to function in the capacity of CNA.  The registry is being maintained by the Department of Public Health and can be accessed by healthcare facilities online or via telephone.  The records can be accessed by employers and even healthcare workers.

  1. Successfully completed nursing arts courses.

In general, nursing arts courses include fundamentals of nursing, basics in nursing, nursing 101, and other similar programs.  It is important to understand that there is another instance where a CNA may not appear in the Health Care Worker Registry.  Any Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who holds a current and valid license from the State of Illinois, and is of good standing can be employed as CNA even if not in the registry.

Any RN (Registered Nurse) or LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) with a current and valid license issued by another State however is not allowed to work in the State of Illinois in the capacity of CNA until their name appears in the registry.  This means that these individuals should complete the CNA classes in Illinois and pass the State certified competency examination.  The same goes with those RN or LPN who have inactive licenses.

Students of nursing who have yet to complete the entire training program to become an RN or LPN can simultaneously apply with the State to become a CNA while they are still in school.  They are required to submit written verification of successful completion of the fundamental concepts of nursing with at least 40 hours of clinical experienced that is supervised under an accredited nurse training course.

  1. Completion of a U.S. military training tour that incorporates the contents of the nurse aide training course accredited by the State.

People who have served in the military and completed their training program can use this to their credit.  All they need to do is to provide a copy of the diploma, certificate, or proof that can be used as an evidence of the 40 hours of clinical experience that they need.  Normally the Form DD 214 can be used as proof of completion of the hospital corpsman, the medical service specialist, or any equivalent training program.  This training corresponds to the CNA classes in Illinois.

For those who are not citizens of the United States, proof of employment authorization like the Resident Alien Card, Permanent Resident Card, or U.S. Visa can be submitted.  Passing the written competency examination is also a requirement that should be completed.

  1. Completion of nursing programs from another country.

Individuals who have successfully completed their nursing program equivalents for an RN or LPN from another country, and have migrated to the United States will not be able to work in the State as a CNA until they have taken the certification licensing examination.  This means they need to complete the CNA classes in Illinois and pass the State accredited competency examination to be a part of the registry.

The graduate should present a copy of the diploma or any other proof of the completion of the course that is translated to English.  This should be accompanied by the official transcript of records, also in English, with the number of training hours for every course taken explicitly stated.  A copy of the Social Security Card is part of the documentary requirements including proof of employment authorization.

  1. Included in the CNA registry of another State.

Aside from being deemed competent, the documentation of current registration proving the existence of the entry in the CNA registry should be presented.  The proof that the applicant is included in the registry of another State is an indication that the requirements of the State including its proficiency examination have been successfully passed.

It is likewise important that no administrative findings of neglect, abuse, or misappropriation of property have been committed by the applicant.  In the same manner, there should be no disqualifying convictions for the applicant in that State’s registry.

These 5 criteria will help those who are interested to join the healthcare industry in the State of Illinois just how important it is to take CNA classes in Illinois and pass the State competency examination.

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