CNA Classes Cost and How Long WA

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As it is mandatory according to the OBRA, 1987 that a candidate wanting to become certified nursing aide has to pursue a CNA program from a recognized school. For the quick information, a certified nursing aide is a qualified professional caring for the patients in the hospitals and caring facilities.

The students of Washington who want to pursue CNA program might be thinking how much the CNA classes cost and how long WA? The answer to their question comes as the normal fees of the CNA program is around $2000 taken as average of schools offering CNA programs. The minimum duration of the CNA program in the Washington State is 85 hours. The CNA program should have at least 35 hours of classroom and lab instructions and minimum of 50 hours of clinical training. In Washington, the CNA program offered by any of the schools should be approved by Department of Health.

To apply for the CNA program, the student must be at least 18 years old and should have a high school diploma or GED. There are many schools in Washington which offer CNA programs from time to time say as fall, winter and spring batches.

The students are taught many important aspects of nursing in the CNA program such as basic nursing care, basic restorative care, infection control, basic emergency care and various others. On completing the CNA program, the students become eligible for the competence examination held by Washington State to get the certification. After passing the exam successfully, they get their names registered in the Washington Nurse Aide Registry.

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