CNA Classes In Connecticut

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The CNA classes in Connecticut are composed of training programs that are part of the requisites that will allow the State to give individuals the opportunity to work for a healthcare facility in the long-term.  To be certified in the State, it is important for candidates to initially complete the approved nursing aide training course as well as successfully pass the competency examination within the prescribed 24 months after completion of the training program.

The training period for the nurse aide certification program should not be less than 100 hours and should be handled by qualified Registered Nurses.  It is important to be aware that re-certification is required after two years and requires the applicant to have worked for at least an 8-hour shift within the 24 months before the recertification comes up.  To have a clearer understanding on the basic requisites for CNA classes in Connecticut, focus on the following questions.

  1. How to find training programs in Connecticut?

Candidates should not be too alarmed if they are serious in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) in the State of Connecticut.  This is because there are more than 150 State certified training courses.  All of the training programs that are available require candidates to attend at least 100 hours of the course.  This is the combined number of hours for both clinical and classroom instructions required by the training programs.

A minimum of 25 nursing assistant skills and expected responsibilities will be taught to the candidates for the duration of the course.  It should be highly emphasized that the training programs to be attended should be State approved, because they will not be able to take the State accredited certification exam that will allow them to take on the function of Certified Nursing Assistants.

It is the Connecticut Department of Public Health, with the Division of Health Systems Regulation under the Bureau of Healthcare Systems that is responsible for maintaining a list of the approved Nurse Aide Programs in the State of Connecticut.  The list is made up of various types of organizations that are responsible for maintaining the programs including hospitals, nursing homes, technical colleges, vocational technical schools, adult education programs, high schools, rehabilitation centers, and many similar courses.

Finding the appropriate program can be done by going to the Educational and Employment Information Center at their Healthcare Career Listing of CNA and other Healthcare programs.  This can be done by going to the appropriate website or calling them up to get the additional information needed.  The Connecticut Department of Public Health is the appropriate authority that has full access to the healthcare programs for CNA classes in Connecticut.

  1. What should candidates expect from a Certified Nurse’s Aide Course?

Some of the most common tasks assigned to a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) would be to take vital signs, help patients with tasks like dressing, eating, or bathing among others.  They are likewise ordered to observe the status and condition of patients, and make the necessary reports to the head nurse currently on duty.  A CNA may also be asked to assist other nurses in the setup and operation of medical or hospital equipment.

It is reasonable for a CNA candidate to expect to be directly supervised by Registered Nurses in the performance of their duties.  This means that these serve as the core of the CNA classes in Connecticut, that every candidate is required to take.  There are also non-credit training programs for CNA that can be offered via the college’s continuing education department.  Completion of this program will also allow the candidates to become fully certified by the State of Connecticut.

The CNA training program can also be formatted as a 12-week course that is made up of 108 total hours.  The instruction program includes laboratory work, lectures, as well as hands-on clinical training of candidates in the field of patient care.  Candidates who are interested in participating in the program will be required to take math and English placement examinations.  They will likewise be subjected to an interview for the appropriate assessment of their verbal communication skills.

Candidates need to be aware that the Certified Nursing Assistant training program normally has limited seating.  This means that students who successfully pass placement test with respectable scores will be randomly picked to attend the program for every semester.

  1. Are there financial assistance programs available for CNA training courses?

It is important to understand that any availability of financial assistance would definitely have its accompanying requirements, and usually cater to those who are absolutely financially challenged.  With this being said, there are actually a number of financial assistance packages available for candidates who are interested to take CNA classes in Connecticut.  Most of the financial aid available can be found in community colleges that offer CNA training courses for a set fee.

Another possibility for candidates looking for financial assistance would be to take advantage of training programs that are being offered in long-term care facilities.  In general, these types of courses in these facilities are offered without pay, however, candidates should be accepted into the program initially, and must be willing to sign a comprehensive agreement that they will work in the facility for the duration of the program, or even some time after that.

The WIA or Workforce Investment Act fund is another good source of financial assistance package for candidates of CNA training programs.  However, candidates may need to go through some recommending agencies or organizations that are responsible for connecting qualified candidates to federal or State funded training aid packages. 

It has to be reiterated that majority of these financial assistance programs work based on a set of guidelines that would normally require candidates not only be of a certain financial status, but also adhere to specific academic requirements.  More details can be available from State or federal agencies, or even the college where the CNA training program will be taken up.  Normally a counselor would be willing to assist financially challenged candidates.

There is no doubt that these are three extremely vital questions that every candidate should ask, because they have a significant impact on the CNA classes in Connecticut that they will take.

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