CNA Classes Alabama

The recession has left a lot of people somewhat hopeless. Many believe that the chances of getting a good job have now dwindled. Although the demand for certain professions has indeed declined over the years, the need for medical practitioners is still on the rise. If you’re from Alabama, and you’ve been looking forward to getting a job that is related to the field of medicine, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or a CNA, can be a great option for you. A profession as a CNA can be very rewarding, both salary-wise and work-wise. CNAs in Alabama are usually paid approximately $16,000 to $28,000 a year. A CNA is in charge of directly accommodating a patient with his or her basic needs.

What Exactly Does a Certified Nursing Assistant Do?

The duties that a CNA perform are very similar with the duties of a nurse, but with certain limitations. For one thing, CNAs cannot give out medications to patients. This is the most basic rule for CNAs, and yet it is a directive that is commonly ignored by some. It is vital that every CNA must remember this, because should this rule be ignored, it could cost your reputation, license and career. CNAs are responsible for taking the vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature) and giving basic care to a patient.

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes In Alabama

Before you can become a CNA, you must first attend CNA classes and certain trainings and programs. The duration of these classes and training will depend on the institution you’ve enrolled in. There are some colleges that are offering CNA classes, yet there are hospitals and other health care institutions that are offering programs as well. The advantage of taking CNA classes from hospitals or rehabilitation centers is the possibility of being automatically hired after the exams. On the other hand, there are some colleges that are affiliated to hospitals as well, and these colleges also promise higher chances of employment. Alabama is bustling with establishments offering CNA classes. To help you decide, we’ve provided you with a small enumeration of some of the most reputable establishments offering CNA classes and programs in the State of Alabama.

• Easter Seals Central Alabama

- Description: Easter Seals Central Alabama was founded in 1961, and it is a non-profit establishment that aims to provide rehabilitation and quality care to people with different types of disabilities. Aside from their basic services, Easter Seals Central Alabama has two vocational training programs, and one of these programs is the CNA training and lectures. Perhaps the most unique part about Easter Seals Central’s CNA program is its duration. Most CNA classes will take around 10-13 weeks, or up to 1 entire semester, but the program at Easter Seals will only take 5 short weeks. Around 93% of the students of this program will be immediately hired. The tuition fee for Easter Seals Central Alabama CNA class and program is $1,350.

- Prerequisites: Those who are interested with enrolling in this CNA program are advised to visit or call Easter Seals Central’s office to obtain the final and official list of requirements.

- Contact Number: (344) 288-0240

• Southern Union State Community College

- Description: The Southern Union State Community College was established in 1993. This school is equipped with skilled faculty members who are keen on providing only the best for their students. The Southern Union State Community College has a number of adult education programs available, and the CNA classes are included in this list of programs. CNA classes are offered every semester, and the entire program will take about 10 weeks. The program will cost around $2,300.

- Prerequisite: In order to apply to this school’s CNA program, you must first provide all the necessary requirements. The documents as well as the application form must be sent to the Health Sciences Division of the Southern Union State Community College. An Annual Health Questionnaire must be answered to determine the state of mental and physical health of the applicant. A copy of the proof of immunization for the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) must be passed as well. CNA students are advised to acquire their Hepatitis B and yearly flu vaccines as soon as possible. In terms of credentials, one must also have a copy of their CPR certification. The American Heart Association gives this certification at the end of the CPR training.

- Contact Number: (256) 395-2211

• Shelton State Community College

- Description: Shelton State Community College is offering a 13 credit hour CNA program. Their CNA classes will prepare students for employment and for the National Nurse Aide Certification Exam (NNAAP). The courses of Shelton State Community College’s CNA program include classroom lectures, lab lectures, return demonstrations and on-the-job-training at the local community health facilities. CNA classes are held at every semester.

- Prerequisite: Unless you are a previous student of Shelton State Community College, you will need to submit a completely filled up application form. A copy of your high school transcript is also required. If you were previously enrolled in a different college, you must have a GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 rank. Before a student will be admitted into the CNA program, they may need to take a WorkKeys assessment first. Documents or proof of immunization are not needed, but applicants are still advised to take the necessary immunizations, since they will be needed later in the program.

- Contact Number: (205) 391-2214