CNA Certification Test

Why CNA Certification Test is vital for the nurse aides, aiming to work in the health care facilities? CNA Certification Test is also known as competency evaluation test that is offered to candidates aiming to work in the health care industry offering nursing and direct nursing cares to patients. The test evaluates the competency level of the candidates for offering safe and quality cares to patients in varied health care settings.

It is also necessary to remember that federal authorities are very specific about the safeguard of public health and welfare through safe and competent health cares, and mandated every state to offer candidates minimum 75 hours Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) for gaining necessary nursing knowledge and skills, and evaluate the competency level of the candidates through the Competency Evaluation Programs (CEP).

A candidate is required to prove his/her competency level by passing the certification test. The passing of the exam also allowed them listing with the state Nurse Aide registry and permission to work in varied health care settings as nurse assistants.

Accordingly, the congress passed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, 87 (OBRA-87) legislation that set the standards for NATCEP, nurse aide practice and CNA Certification Tests, and all states were required to meet these standards, while offering training programs or before allowing nurse aides to provide direct cares to patients.

CNA Certification Test

CNA Certification Test is offered to the candidates for evaluating their competency level for offering nursing and direct cares to patients in varied health care settings. The test evaluates the knowledge and skills of the candidates that are essential while working in the health care facilities. The test is administered directly by the state regulated agency, the Board of Nursing or through the state contracted testing agencies such as Prometric, Pearson Vue, D & S head Master and Red Cross at their selected test centers located throughout the country.

CNA Certification Test features two separate independent components of Written/Oral Test and Skill test.

Written/Oral Test – is offered in a multiple choice format, where the candidates are offered 60-70 multi choice questions. The questions are based on classroom course instructions and knowledge essential for offering cares to patients.

Skill Test – require performing 5 skills, randomly selected from among 25 skills on a live model or a dummy. The safety and hand washing are major components of the skill test and the candidates are required to demonstrate these skills competently.

The passing of both tests with 70% & above scoring is essential for earning the certification. The candidates are allowed 2-3 chances for passing the exam as per the state requirements and failure to do so even in these repeated attempts require attending the NATP again to get eligibility to sit in the exam.

Certification Renewal

The certification is valid for 2 years before it gets expired and must be renewed before the expiry period to maintain it in current level. Failure to renew the license may require appearing for certification test again.

Out state Candidates

Out state candidates may apply for the reciprocity to the state they are aiming to move and if the states do not have reciprocity agreement among them, the candidates may have to appear for the CNA Certification Test of the state to get eligibility to work and also meet other state requirements.