Certified Nursing Assistant Courses in Georgia

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The beginning of the nursing assistant training programs was marked in the year 1990 by Georgia. A regulatory body named the Georgia Nurse aide registry was created and given the responsibility of taking care of each and every aspect related to the education of the aspiring nursing aides in the state.

The government set a variety of rules and regulations for the nursing assistants regarding their duties and responsibilities in the hospital. Below mentioned are some of the major tasks assigned to the certified nursing assistants:

  • Providing care to the patients along with a healthy and hygienic environment
  • Assisting the doctors in various operations by handing them the required equipments
  • Helping the patients to carry out their routine activities like eating, bathing, reading and exercising.
  • Performing some managerial works such as filling the insurance forms, clearing the doubts of ailing individuals regarding their treatments and so on.

The Certified Nursing Assistant Courses in Georgia aim at providing education to the willing candidates on the above mentioned topics along with various other essential skills. After the completion of training, the candidates are required to pass the certification exam for becoming certified nursing assistants.

Hence, in this way, the interested candidates can start their career in the medical field by becoming a certified nursing assistant.

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