Certified Nurse Aides

Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) can be defined as nurse assistants, who have completed state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training programs, passed the state certification exam and get listed with the state Nurse Aide Registry. CNAs provide nursing and direct cares to the patients in the various types of health care facilities.

CNA OBRA Requirements

In the United States of America, the federal authorities and law requires a nurse aide to be fully competent to safeguard public health and welfare through safe and quality cares. In order to meet these provisions federal OBRA-87 was passed by the congress and the provision of this legislation requires that every state must offer the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEP) or Competency Evaluation Programs (CEP) to candidates aiming to provide direct care in the health care facilities, such as hospital. Long term care facilities, nursing homes and other certified healthcare agencies.

The competency level of the candidates must be evaluated through competency evaluation exam and the candidate passing the exam must be granted Certification and listing with the state Nurse Aide registry and permission to work in these facilities.

Certified Nurse Aide Training program

Therefore, candidates aiming to work in the health care facilities must complete state and OBRA-87 required 75 hours or more nurse aide training programs. The program comprises of classroom course instruction and clinical hands-on experience. The clinical portion of the training is completed under the supervision of a RN or LPN.

CNA Certification Test

Nurse Aide Certification test comprises of a Written Test and a Skill test.

The Written Test - comprises of multiple choice questions based on the training program curriculum and skills essential for offering cares patients.

Skill Test - requires execution of 5 skills out of 25 randomly selected skills on a dummy or a model in a long term care facility.

The passing of the both test components awards CNA Certification and listing with the state Nurse Aide registry.

Nurse Aide Job Places

As a certified nurse aide, you can work in hospital, long term care facility, Old Age and Veteran Home, nursing home,  Adult Care Centers, Hospice, Mental Health Care centers, Private Homes, Rehabilitation Center, Community Centers, Clinics and Home Health Aide Agencies. You can also work as a Home Health Aide, School Nurse Aide, Private Duty CNA, Traveling Nurse Aide or Military Nurse Aide.

Certified Nurse Aide Duties

As a nurse aide you are required to execute various types of the health care duties including:

  • Personal cares
  • Basic nursing cares
  • Emergency Cares & CPR
  • Infection control
  • Nutrition
  • Use of Safety techniques
  • Promotion and Respect of Patients’ Rights and Independence
  • Care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients
  • Mental health cares
  • Restorative care
  • Assist dying patients
  • Provide mental and emotional support to patients and families.

In addition, you must also remember that as a certified nurse aide you must also possess certain qualities such as patience, compassionate nature, resilience, excellent communication skills and humble nature.