Certified CNA Classes in Michigan

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It is not possible for everyone to afford the fee of a professional medical career as a doctor or surgeon. But one can step into the medical field by becoming a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA is the medical person who takes care of the ailing and sick patients under the supervision of the Registered Nurse (RN) in the medical facility.

Certified CNA classes in Michigan provide high quality education to the nursing aspirants. They train the students in various nursing and clinical skills, which include restorative or curative skills, emergency care, interpersonal skills, checking and measuring the vital signs of the patients (temperature, blood pressure, respiration, pulse). They are also taught about some tidiness skills (cleaning and grooming the patients, changing the bed covers and so on.).

The Certified CNA Classes in Michigan approved by The Department of Community Health provide a minimum of 75 hours theoretical classes and 16hours of clinical hours to the nursing aspirants. These are divided into:

  • Seventy five hours of theoretical classes.
  • 16 hours of clinical skill classes in a long term medical care facility.

After the completion of the classes, it is essential for all the nursing candidates to clear both written and practical evaluation tests, only then one can acquire the CNA certification.

The main advantage of the Certified CNA classes in Michigan is that after receiving the CNA certification, one is positioned in the official nursing aide registry, which will allow you to work professionally in any hospital, clinic, nursing home or any other medical care facility throughout the state.

The costs of these CNA classes in Michigan are not very high, they charge around $400 to $800. This little investment can make you earn the starting salary of $25,600 annually.

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