How to pass a CNA Certification Test

The issue of how to pass a CNA Certification test becomes vital and important in the face of the rising demand for Certified Nursing Assistants.  Many are even contemplating on shifting careers to be able to work as a CNA in a healthcare facility.  With the recession leaving many Americans jobless, the healthcare field has […]

Certified Nurse Aides

Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) can be defined as nurse assistants, who have completed state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training programs, passed the state certification exam and get listed with the state Nurse Aide Registry. CNAs provide nursing and direct cares to the patients in the various types of health care facilities. CNA OBRA Requirements […]

CNA Certification Test

Why CNA Certification Test is vital for the nurse aides, aiming to work in the health care facilities? CNA Certification Test is also known as competency evaluation test that is offered to candidates aiming to work in the health care industry offering nursing and direct nursing cares to patients. The test evaluates the competency level […]