Finding Certified Nursing Assistant class online

With the increasing frequency and practicality of online education, the desire of finding Certified Nursing Assistant class online becomes of primary importance for those who do not have the time to attend conventional educational institutions.  There are a number of online institutions that offer medical support degrees and certification including Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA.  […]

Certified Nurse Aides

Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) can be defined as nurse assistants, who have completed state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training programs, passed the state certification exam and get listed with the state Nurse Aide Registry. CNAs provide nursing and direct cares to the patients in the various types of health care facilities. CNA OBRA Requirements […]

Certified Nursing Assistant Duties

In the United States of America, the federal authorities were very specific about the safeguard of public health and welfare through safe and competent nursing practice. In order to protect the health of citizens, the congress has passed a legislation known as OBRA-87 (Omnibus Reconciliation Act) that sets the standard for the nurse aide education […]

Nursing Assistant Certification Status

Do you know about the expiration of your CNA certificate? Certificates generally display their expiration date but it may not be the case with every certificate due to different policies of states. But in most of the states the validity period of the CNA certificate is 24 months. Beyond this period you must get it […]

Certifeid Nurse Assistant Programs in Tennessee

NATS Inc. is a private CNA school that is providing with the affordable certified nursing assistant classes in Nashville, Tennessee. The students here can qualify for the tuition scholarships and the enrolment for new CNA sessions happens every week. The aspirant is required to have a high school diploma or a GED to be suitable […]

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Programs in California

Is it possible to find a school or a facility in Vallejo, California, that provides with the weekend CNA training programs? The Prime Career College is the answer. Known for the flexible educational programs, this school is able to provide room to your individual time schedules. The length of the nurse aide programs is twenty […]

Certified Nursing Assistants in Oregon

A nursing assistant is an individual who is hired by many hospitals, clinics and health centers to take care of the patients and assist them with their routine activities. Only the dedicated and hard-working candidates can become Certified Nursing Assistants in Oregon. The students are required to obtain training from any of the community colleges […]