California board of Nursing

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Facts Related to Nursing Board of California

The California Nursing Board of Education aims at providing top notch educational facilities to all nursing candidates along with a lot of emphasis on the better job opportunities for all candidates. This can only be achieved by enabling awareness and sincerity among the people of California.

The following responsibilities are assigned to the nursing individuals when they start working in various hospitals as well as health care centers and private clinics:
Recording vital signs of patients like body temperature, blood pressure and so on
Assisting the doctors during operations by handing them various equipments
Answering telephone calls and clearing doubts of patients regarding their treatment procedures and so on
Filling insurance forms for the patients
Helping the suffering patients with their daily activities like exercising, bathing, eating
Maintaining health records as well as hygienic surroundings for ailing individuals

The regular training programs are handled by the nursing board of education along with various other online classes. The recognition as well as the standard of classes is provided by the organization and all institutes have to follow the guidelines issued.

Besides deciding about the training as well as job tasks for the nursing professionals, the nursing board of education also has the responsibility of conducting the certification examination for nursing assistants as well as for various other nurses, who are aspiring to become licensed. The key features of the certification examination are listed as under:

As far as the CNA certification exam is considered, it consists of 2 stages, a written test followed by a skill test
The candidates are required to secure at least 80% score in the exam to pass it and become certified
Now, for the aspiring nurses, there is an exam called as NCLEX examination meant for the purpose of providing licensure to the deserving candidates

The board of nursing has the responsibility of providing an unbiased result on the basis of which jobs are allotted to the candidates.

The deserving candidates get assured success in the health care profession in California.

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