American Red Cross CNA Training Programs

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The American Red Cross CNA training programs is one of the best options available for those who are contemplating on a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  With earnings averaging well over $30,000 annually, there is no question that this looks like a good alternative even for those who are looking to shift careers.  The main challenge that remains though is that many do not know where to begin the entire process of taking advantage of the immense benefits that can be received from this field of the healthcare industry.

There is no question that the American Red Cross CNA training programs are some of the best choices that are open to those who want to seriously begin their push towards a nursing career.  However, it is important to be aware of the circumstances surrounding the training programs as well as what to expect for the duration.  This will help potential CNA candidates to evaluate exactly whether this is the right career choice for them. 

Considering that the training programs offered by the American Red Cross involve immense physical tasks, the following considerations should be taken notice of.

  1. What is the importance of the CNA training?

The American Red Cross CNA training programs become extremely vital in view of the fact that it is considered as one of the best as well as quite possibly the most viable step that can be taken to become a full-pledged healthcare professional.  At a professional level, it is expected that nurses are supposed to be proficient in the various aspects of the healthcare industry, especially in the area of patient care.

The importance of the training programs initiated by the American Red Cross is likewise anchored on the premise that it will inculcate valuable knowledge and skills in the areas of care as well as rehabilitation.  These are two important aspects that every CNA should be well prepared for especially considering that they will be faced with sick and disabled people on a daily basis. 

Graduates of the training programs become adept at the finer aspects of nursing care and subscribing to the physical and emotional needs of the sick.

  1. The enrollment criteria every candidate should be aware of.

Enrolling into the training programs can be done in a conventional manner.  This means being able to gain the skills necessary for nursing professionals to become functional in the healthcare industry.  It is important to understand that to be able to become a professional CNA, exposure in the nursing field becomes extremely necessary. 

The exposure will help in the development of skills like feeding bedridden patients, interacting with the sick and depressed, and acquisition of life saving techniques among others. If you feel that you are comfortable in learning and executing these skills, then you have a very good chance of excelling in the medical field as a CNA. 

However, you also have to take into consideration other potential requirements for enrollment that can be imposed like:

  • At least 18 years old at the time of enrollment
  • Should not have been convicted of any felony for that past 7 years
  • Must not be infected with any communicable disease
  • For women, they should not be pregnant upon enrollment
  1. What are covered by the CNA training program?

The study course for the American Red Cross CNA training programs are designed to ensure that all aspects of the nursing procedures are adequately covered.  This includes extensive clinical practice centered on exclusive skills that will allow graduates to work in hospitals and operate with sophisticated equipment like diagnostic aids for example.  The subject matter covered ensures proficiency in the operation of hospital machinery including assisting doctors in various areas of diagnosis and treatment.

To maximize the benefits that can be received from the CNA training programs, it is important to ensure that certain rules are followed by all candidates.  The rules that most candidates should be aware of include:

  • Arriving in the training programs on time
  • All classes should be attended
  • Missed hours should never go beyond 6 hours
  • The final certification examination should be passed with a score of 80% or higher
  1. Taking the certification examination.

Once the training program has been successfully completed, the candidate should start preparing for the certification examination that will help them qualify as a full-pledged CNA.  It is important to realize that there are two essential parts of the CNA examination that must be passed by the candidate:

  • Clinical or Skills test
  • Written test

The entire CNA examination should be completed by all candidates in about five and a half hours with the results made available at the same day the examination was taken.  It is important to understand that the Skills test portion must be satisfactorily passed before the candidate can move on to the Written test portion.  Passing the CNA examination will allow the candidates to receive a certification that will allow them to legally work in the capacity of a CNA.

  1. Consider the benefits of CNA training from the Red Cross.

The candidates that receive certification from the American Red Cross CNA training programs have the chance of being offered competitive compensations packets.  Considering that the normal rate for qualified nursing assistants is anywhere from $9 to $15 an hour, the additional qualifications and certification can help boost up your potentials in the workplace that can result in significantly higher salary.

Considering that the CNA training programs of the Red Cross are economical and affordable, the cost to benefit ratio can be quite substantial.  The certification also helps open up doors of opportunities in the healthcare industry and potentially fast track the nursing career of candidates.  In some localities, free CNA training can even be made possible with the help of support groups and organizations.

There are a couple of ways where the federal government can help shoulder the associated expenses for the CNA training program.  You have to be aware of the various support programs being initiated in your state to take advantage of this scenario.

All of these considerations will help virtually all candidates to decide on whether or not the American Red Cross CNA training programs are the best options for them.

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