Accelerated Nursing Schools

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The emphasis on accelerated nursing schools is highlighted by the fact that many regard this field of the healthcare industry as one of the nobler areas.  This contributes to the renewed and increased interest in this profession, not to mention the very promising career and financial growth that it entails. 

In order to maximize the benefits of this area of the healthcare industry, potential and current students should be explicitly aware of the various fields of specialization available to them.  Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea what field you should specialize in. With statistics and researches supporting the findings this area of the healthcare industry will be facing a deficiency in the coming years the need to accelerate the process of becoming a nurse becomes more vital. 

The need for more graduates from accelerated nursing schools becomes more important to ensure that the void does not become a reality.  With many of the accelerated nursing programs becoming open to virtually all who want to participate in it, the need to understand the immense benefits become of primary importance.

  1. Faster completion time.

As its name suggests, the accelerated nursing degree program offers candidates a faster alternative to complete their chosen nursing program.  The accelerated nursing schools provide fields of studies which are similar to those offered in conventional schools, but mostly at the convenient time of students.  This faster completion time is made possible by the presence of accelerated nursing institutions.

These types of educational institutions normally specialize in the delivery of flexible programs that will allow even those that have very limited time availability in their schedules to take advantage of the program.  This education program is unique in the sense that it provides complete exposure to the curriculum in a shorter time allowing people to become prepared nurses in less than four years. 

However, there should be a clear understanding of the different requirements implemented by various nursing programs and institutions.

  1. Different types of accelerated programs.

The options available to those who are interested in becoming nurses in relatively short time can be quite varied.  Becoming a professional nurse normally includes degree programs that are based on competency.  By delivering a competency based program for the field of nursing, potential students gain the chance of designing their own field of work while subscribing to the existing goals of the nursing profession.

Previous education is given not only emphasis, but credit as well, including those earned from life and career experiences that can contribute to the growth of the student in a clinical practice.  This translates to gaining every possible advantage to complete the program outlined for professional nurses within 1 to 2 years period.  Accelerated nursing schools also offer degree completion programs across the country for those who want to enter the field, but possess a degree from a non-nursing education program.

Because the primary goal is to help students to transition from non-nursing disciplines into the nursing industry, the accelerated programs can be taken at both the baccalaureate as well as the master’s degree levels.  The accelerated program on the baccalaureate level is one of the fastest ways for any individual to become a nurse because it can be completed within 12 to 18 months with many of the learning experiences taken into account.

The master’s degree on the other hand is considered as a generic nursing degree discipline that will help graduates from other courses to become nurses within three years.  It is important that candidates in this level have successfully completed their baccalaureate program nursing courses within the first year to be able to benefit from graduate study in the next two years.

  1. Online accelerated nursing degree programs.

One of the more favored benefits of accelerated nursing schools is that they provide online nursing programs that can be completed from the comfort of the homes of the students.  The popularity of this offering has resulted in the increased number of online accelerated nursing degree programs for different candidates coming from diverse disciplines.  During the past 15 years, the number of online nursing institutions has reached close to a hundred.

Many of these online institutions provide both BSN and MSN degree programs that will help propel the career of many prospective nursing students.  In return, they can become more motivated with higher academic performances compared to those that hold high school entry baccalaureate degrees.  Because the institutions can effectively cut down on the cost of implementation of the accelerated programs, they become more affordable for students.

This means that even those that have limited financial capability will have the chance to complete the program, which adds a completely new dimension to the nursing experience and history.  Programmatic objectives achieved in shorter time combines core courses with the bridge contents.  However, the main advantage of the accelerated programs remains the ability to help students to become great nurses in less time while taking with them their significant life experience.

  1. Age limit is not an issue.

Unlike in conventional classrooms and educational institutions where more mature students can find it awkward to be in the same location as younger students, this does not become an issue with online accelerated nursing programs.  This means a greater number of the population can benefit from the increased demand for competent nurses in the healthcare industry.

The issue of health also no longer exists because the need to physically attend classes is non-existent.  The health of the student only comes into play once clinical practice becomes a requisite.  This means those well beyond their thirties can still hope to finish a baccalaureate degree in nursing through the accredited online programs. 

It is necessary to be willing to spend a bit more time with the study program to be able to complete it in the recommended period and allow you to start on your career as a nurse. There is no doubt that harder and more demanding subjects will require your undivided attention and utmost concentration.  In the end, all of these will pay off rather handsomely in creating a significant nursing career.

All of these benefits make it worth your while to invest in accelerated nursing schools and possible future career as a professional nurse.

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