Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

Individuals who are interested in becoming a part of a medical team or  having a career in the medical industry are provided with several options, and one of this is becoming a family nurse practitioner. Family nurse practitioners are considered as one of the best and the most highly paid nursing jobs. In fact, this […]

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Becoming a nurse is something that takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Because of this, it is important that individuals who are interested in becoming a nurse and pursuing their dreams of being a part of a medical team should obtain the knowledge that they need through high quality educational training programs. This […]

Tennessee Board Of Nursing

The Tennessee board of nursing was conceived in 1911 by virtue of an Act by the State Legislature.  The goal for the establishment of the board is to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of nurses in the State are safeguarded properly.  It also aims to make sure that practicing nurses in the State […]

Nursery Nurse Jobs

Basically, nursery nurse jobs are normally types of professions that deal with non-clinical care of babies, young children, and at times the elderly.  The typical workplace would therefore have to be a children’s nursery (public or private), pre-schools, and even hospitals.  These are the common places where very young children are left by their parents […]

Travel Nursing Jobs

Normally, when looking for jobs, applicants look mainly on the salary aspect, however, this should not be the case when it comes to travel nursing jobs.  The primary reason is that it is one of the best careers in the healthcare industry and has some of the most interesting benefits.  At times, the benefits and […]

Salary of a Nurse

With the various types and levels nurses, deciding on what to choose in this field to get a higher salary of a nurse can be quite challenging and overwhelming.  Taking into consideration the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that nursing actually represents one of the biggest workforces in the healthcare industry with […]

Nursing Schools In Georgia

The importance of considering nursing schools in Georgia is highlighted by the fact that the State has been singled out as having one of the lowest ratio of nurses in relation to the overall population of healthcare workers.  To rectify this situation, some adjustments have been made to the Nurse Practice Act including controversial changes […]

Neonatal Nurse Salary

For current and prospective nursing students who are still undecided on the career path to follow, it is important to look at these six factors that have a direct effect on the neonatal nurse salary.  With such a wide range of options available in the nursing field, it is important to be aware where the […]

goldfarb school of nursing

For those who want to have a promising career in the healthcare industry, enrolling in Goldfarb School of Nursing will be the one of the best steps you make.  Without a doubt, this nursing school has been considered as a very unique institution when it comes to the training of potential nurses.  With a variety […]

Vanderbilt School Of Nursing

The Vanderbilt School of Nursing has been ranked among the top 15 nursing schools in the United States for a reason.  Undoubtedly, it has one of the highest quality programs that are combined with an excellent faculty membership who are considered among the best in their field of practice.  Nursing students who have completed their […]