California board of Nursing

In the state of California, the practice of registered nursing (RN) and certified advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) are regulated by the California Board of Nursing for safeguarding the public health and welfare. The board is a state governmental agency and founded by the law to promote and protect the health and safety of consumers, [...]

Alaska board of Nursing

Alaska board of Nursing is a state regulating agency located at Anchorage, Alaska. The Board constitute of 7 members, appointed by the Governor for four years term until the members resign or are replaced. The meeting of the Board is open to the public, except executive sessions. Mission The primary mission of the Board is [...]

alabama board of nursing

Alabama Board of Nursing a regulatory authority, created by the state Nurse Practice Act to safeguard the public health and welfare by implementing the provision of the Act for safe and competent nursing practice. The Board i is located in Montgomery, Alabama. The Nurse Practice Act requires that every practicing nursing professional, practicing individuals or [...]

Certified Nursing Assistant Duties

In the United States of America, the federal authorities were very specific about the safeguard of public health and welfare through safe and competent nursing practice. In order to protect the health of citizens, the congress has passed a legislation known as OBRA-87 (Omnibus Reconciliation Act) that sets the standard for the nurse aide education [...]

CNA Job Description

If you are also affected by the continuous economic crisis and recent economic recession of the United States of America and not able to find the suitable job opening for earning the sustainable source of income for meeting the daily living costs, you must complete your Nurse aide training program and pass the certification exam [...]

CNA Certification Test

Why CNA Certification Test is vital for the nurse aides, aiming to work in the health care facilities? CNA Certification Test is also known as competency evaluation test that is offered to candidates aiming to work in the health care industry offering nursing and direct nursing cares to patients. The test evaluates the competency level [...]

CNA Exams Test Questions

It is common knowledge that the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act or the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 or “OBRA -87” was passed by the congress to safeguard the public health and welfare of the residents in the hospital, long term care facilities or Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing facilities. The OBRA also mandated [...]

Reading Hospital School of Nursing

If you are a resident of the Pennsylvania state and aiming to enter health care field in an entry level position, you must complete your nursing programs from Reading Hospital School of Nursing, commonly known as The Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. The school offers nursing programs that prepares you for a Registered Nurse [...]

Online Nursing School Programs

It is a common fact that the economic crisis and the recent economic recession throughout the United States of America have compelled individuals as well as working professional to make their career in the booming health care field. The reason being, the majority service sectors are offering negligible employments but the health care field is [...]

Nursing Schools in Wisconsin

If you are a local resident of the Wisconsin state and finding it difficult to obtain satisfying employments due to the recent economic slow down and economic crisis, you can take admission in the Nursing Schools in Wisconsin and obtain diploma, degree, certificate or certification that can provide you entry level to advance level nursing [...]