Nurse Aide Registries (Wisconsin)

If you have a keen desire to make a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then enroll for CNA training program. However, there are certain prerequisites that each CNA program should fulfill, which are as follows: The CNA training program must provide the students with at least 120 hours of classes. This is 120 hours [...]

Nurse Aide Registries (West Virginia)

If you wish to pursue career as a Certified Nursing Assistant in West Virginia, then firstly you need to successful complete the CNA training program. This program offers students minimum of 120 hours of nursing classes, which includes 65 hours of theoretical and 55 hours hands-on training classes. Approved CNA programs can be availed by [...]

Nurse Aide Registries (Rhode Island)

It is essential for all the nursing aspirants to first complete the CNA training program and receive a CNA certification in order to work professionally as a nursing assistant. Rhode Island offers students with CNA training program, which consists of minimum of 100 hours of training classes. The duration of the CNA training program offered [...]

Nurse Aide Registries (Hawaii)

The Nursing Assistant training programs in Hawaii are administered by the Medicaid Agency. It takes care of all the prerequisites of CNA programs as well as the training requirements in the state of Hawaii. Medicaid Agency is basically responsible for deciding what will the core curriculum for the nursing class, what are the minimum qualifications [...]

Nurse Aide Registries Arkansas

Arkansas is counted in few states of USA, which sometimes covers the cost of the CNA state examination. There are two situations, when the CNA examination cost is bared by the state, which are as follows: If you are already working in a nursing home or a long term medical care facility. Or if you [...]

Nurse Aide Registries Colorado

Colorado Nurse Aide Registry Colorado Board of Nursing 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80202 Phone: (303) 894-2430 Fax: (303) 894-2821 Do you know the requirements of Colorado Nurse Aide Registry for the renewal of Nurse Aide Certification? There are the two instances when a certified nursing assistant (CNA) qualifies for this renewal. Any CNA [...]

Nurse Aide Programs in Oregon

Do you know what it takes to become a level two restorative care CNA? Oregon is among the few states that encourage continuing education and career growth of certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Restorative care nurse aide course is one such course designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of a CNA. Of course the CNA [...]

Nurse Aide Programs in Indiana

Planning to become a nurse aide in Indiana? There are many private schools in Crown Point, Indiana offering you nurse aide training classes. One of such private school engaged in providing CNA training courses as well as qualified medication aide classes is Med Ed Incorporated. These CNA classes are of three (3) weeks duration and [...]

Missouri Nurse Aide Registry

The Missouri Nurse Aide Registry up holds the credentials of qualified nurture assistants who have dynamic standing, in addition to of individuals who are still or have terminated status. Additionally, the Missouri Nurse Aide Registry registers the nursing aides who have been found accountable of various charges varying from abuse, neglect, or embezzlement of property. [...]

Mississippi Nurse Aide registry

The state of Mississippi offers reciprocity, which is the recognition of another state to validate the license given by another state. By the process of reciprocity the licensed nurse aide of any other state may qualify for the certification of another state. A nurse aide may qualify for reciprocity if he/she has name listed on [...]