CNA School in Brooklyn

Due to rising population, there is an urgent increase in the demand of professionals in the medical services. One such kind of professionals in demand nowadays is certified nursing assistants (CNAs). A certified nursing assistant is a person that takes care of patients in hospitals and clinics under the supervision of Registered Nurse. In Brooklyn, the profession of being a certified nursing aide is becoming quite popular.

If one has to become a certified nursing aide, he/she look for a good CNA school in Brooklyn. The candidate has to apply for a course which covers the necessary duties and responsibilities of a nursing aide. After that, the candidate has to undergo training either in a hospital, a nursing home or a clinic in Brooklyn. Later, after completing course and training, the candidate must challenge a competence examination held by the state in order to get the certification. The exam has both written and performance (practical) tests.

There are various nursing schools in Brooklyn that offer CNA programs. All the nursing schools in Brooklyn are accredited to New York State Department of Health. Some of the renowned schools are City University of New York (CUNY) College, ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology CNA Course and Kingsborough Community College CNA School.

In Brooklyn, the nursing schools are at liberty to draft their own curriculum for CNA programs. However, it is a must for them to provide at least 100 hours of training including classroom based learning and clinical training. In classroom learning several areas are covered such as anatomy, basic nursing skills, physiology, personal care skills, mental health needs, resident’s rights and restorative services. In clinical training, students have to work with patients in long term care facilities under the supervision of trainer.

Therefore, the students willing to become a certified nursing aide can apply to the above mentioned schools.